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2 Guns

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2 Guns – 4 out of 5

I think the math may be off on this movie but I counted more than two guns in this film. In fact, I lost count somewhere around 30 guns.

It doesn't matter how many guns this film has, all that matters is that it had
one Marky Mark in it.

Let's face it, all of Denzel's characters of late are kinda
blurring together.  I think he's stopping an out-of-control
train or plane after this undercover operation.
Based on the graphic novel of the same name, 2 Guns is about Bobby (Denzel Washington), a DEA agent, and Stig (Mark Wahlberg), a naval officer, that go undercover in an attempt to bring down a major drug kingpin (Edward James Olmos). While undercover, the two men rob a bank and find out there’s a lot more money than they realized there and are now being chased by a CIA agent (Bill Paxton). Now the two men must work together to bring down all parties involve and they do it with only two guns. Okay, not really but I really want the title to be the literal amount of guns in the film.

Everybody, at some point, should have one moment where they get to walk away
from an explosion carrying a box of donuts.

"Hey, let's go eye that old lady's lemon drink before the
plants try to kill us."
Filled with humor and fantastic action, 2 Guns is one of those really sly and hysterically fun popcorn movies that never fails to satisfy. Mark and Denzel work great together and really play well off of each other. Both men have already proven they are decent action stars and Wahlberg has shown that he’s very funny in the right situations but putting the two together would either make or break the film. Thankfully, they made the film and kept it moving along swimmingly and, further thankfully (it’s is November, the month for giving thanks), if the IMDb page on this film is to be believed, Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn were originally planned on starring in this film. A major bullet was dodged (no pun intended) on that one.

No Wilson and Vaughn but Paxton?  It's like the Movie Gods were smiling on us.

I really enjoyed Edward James Olmos and Bill Paxton in the film as well. Both men did their roles exceptionally well. Olmos provided some laughs playing the straight-man in some scenes and being the ruthless drug lord in others, while Paxton was fantastic at providing a little mystery with what interests his character and the CIA had to play in the film. 

So Say We All.

The only real complaint I had about the film was the fact that once the mystery involved in the film’s story is revealed, the film moves really fast to tie up its loose ends and, maybe, they tie them up too fast to the point the last act of the film feels very rushed. However, 2 Guns is still very funny, has some great shoot outs and action scenes and Denzel and Mark are great together. The film isn’t meant to be deep, it’s just meant to be fun and that’s what it accomplishes.

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