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Rise of the Guardians

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  Rise of the Guardians – 5 out of 5

For me, this movie had it all: A great, fun and touching story that could fill me with childhood wonder and awe, kick-ass action, and great humor. Rise of the Guardians is the epitome of a great animated movie that can appeal to the child in any adult while still catering to the established adult sensibilities…provided your child-like wonder hasn’t been completely destroyed by the responsibilities of adulthood.

The Easter Bunny is a better action star than the entire cast of The Expendables...
younger too.

When two Yetis invite you to jump into an inter-dimensional
portal you fucking go!
 Based on the book The Guardians of Childhood by William Joyce, Rise of the Guardians tells the story of the chosen protectors of the children of the world: North (Santa Claus voiced by Alec Baldwin), Tooth (the Tooth Fairy voiced by Isla Fisher), E. Aster Bunnymund (the Easter Bunny voiced Hugh Jackman) and Sandy (the Sandman who is voiced by no one because he doesn’t talk). After the Boogeyman; Pitch (Jude Law), has started to invade children’s dreams and transforming them into nightmares, he begins to make them doubt the existence of the Guardians. The Man in the Moon; the one who chose all the Guardians, has now made the decision to bring in a new Guardian to battle Pitch’s menace: The wild and mischievous Jack Frost (Chris Pine).

The longer you look at this picture the more time you are wasting looking at a picture.

Jack is a loner and isn’t believed in by the children (so they can’t see him when he’s around) so he’s hesitant to give up his life of fun and games to battle Pitch. However, as he sees Pitch pick off the beliefs of the Guardians one by one Jack is forced to find his place in the world and find his reason to fight back to protect the children of the world.

"It was nice to FREEZE you"...damn, where's the writers of Batman & Robin
when you need them for good ice-based puns.

When I first saw the trailer and saw it was about the great mythical figures of childhood banding together to fight the Boogeyman (and Santa had swords and tattoos) I was immediately sold so I saw it in the theater and it was totally worth it. After it arrived on Blu-Ray I bought it rather than rent it because I enjoyed the movie so much I had to own it.

"Does Santa need to slice a bitch?"

Man they look badass...and their badass status isn't
deminished at all when you realize they are just going for
a beer run.
First off, the animation is just plain incredible. Each character moves very realistically and the interaction between the characters (remember, these interactions include Santa Claus and a giant bunny talking to each other) is spectacular. Their body language, movements and character animations all look real and how real people react during conversations and such. This attention to detail (like Bunnymund commenting on North’s sleigh and North’s reaction is just a smile and a raise of the eyebrows) gives a legitimate feel to the fantasy playing out before you.

"Gah!  They caught us.  Quickly, get the silverware to the 24 hour pawn shop!"

There's actually a thread on the IMDb disscusion board
where a woman asks people to boycott the film due to
Santa having tats. (No joke...or it could be, I don't know.
Internet trolls can be hard to read sometimes.)
 This minute detail ends up giving the film a grounded feel while simultaneously being a great fantasy film about the imaginary figures we all believed in as kids. This blending of the two ends up created a film that filled me with a sense of childhood wonder (and almost made me want to believe in Santa again until I realized that if I wanted to do that I could just believe in God because they are basically the same thing) while the action, character animation and touching elements of the story catered to the adult in me—and then, when it was over, I remembered I had to pay my car insurance bill and the illusion is shattered in seconds.

Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream...of kicking my enemy's ass!

Who knew the Tooth Fairy dressed like a drag queen.
 Then, like most animated movies made in this Golden Age of Animated Films, the voice acting is incredible. Chris Pine, who I usually can’t stand in films, really brings Jack to life and is able to bring forth a character that is all about having fun and being a free-spirit but also has an underlying desire to fit in and belong. Isla Fisher is just adorable as Tooth. Hugh Jackman makes the Easter Bunny a badass and Alec Baldwin somehow made Santa a jolly asskicker—and I can’t forget to mention that Jude Law really made Pitch creepy and menacing.

Here he is being menacing with Sarah Jessica--ah, you know where I'm
going with this joke.

Stop tempting me!!!

Rise of the Guardians is one of those animated movies I will be watching and watching and watching for the rest of my days. The story was something I really got behind and enjoyed (it even made me tear up in the more touching scenes—damn you for making feel things!), the action was better than a lot of live-action action movies churned out nowadays (not surprisingly since Guillermo del Toro was an executive producer and he’s proven to give good advice for making action scenes more exciting in animated movies) and the animation and voice acting are all fantastic!

It's like the Avengers but with fictional characters that are used to guilt-trip
kids into behaving themselves.

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