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The Cabin in the Woods

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The Cabin in the Woods – 5 out of 5

Two minutes in and you already get a girl in her underpants!
Slasher films are very formulaic and rarely do we get ones that are truly unique and are capable of standing out in the crowd.  Oh, sure some have mindless gimmicks that try to fool you that it’s one-of-a-kind but, in the end, it’s still the same crap you’ve seen over and over again.  However, Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard have once again pooled their talents together to make one awesome, mind-blowing attack on the slasher genre in the amazing dark comedy The Cabin in the Woods.

Wait...are those Mormons?!?  If so, then this movie is scary!

Dammit, don't read that book...nothing good ever happens
from reading books in horror films
Five friends get together to spend the weekend in--you guessed it--a cabin in the woods. Quickly, as the night descends and the weird shit they’ve started to experience and discover in the creepy shack starts to culminate into a night of horror and survival.  Pretty standard crap going on here…until you take into consideration that the friends are being monitored and it seems the events unfolding are being orchestrated.

Yes, zombies are getting overplayed but they do their job in this one.

I wanted to see this one when it was in the theaters--and even more so after I saw the reviews it was getting--and after seeing it now on DVD, I really wish I took the time to see it because it was brilliant!

I smell an homage to Hellraiser...and cinnamon rolls.  Anyone else smell
cinnamon rolls?

Firefly fans will get a treat in this photo...
The fact the anchor to the film’s story is so creative and is a wonderful take on an ancient idea that’s mixed in with a tiresome genre that lacks any real depth made a movie experience that was both new and the first time you have sex--still can't wait to see how that feels!  However, it’s hard to properly discuss the film without giving away spoilers but, I will say this…at one point, a unicorn shows up.  Unicorns are bad-ass!

Look at that!!!  It's a fucking unicorn!!!  Those things are fucking awesome!!!
It's a horse with a horn on it!  The Jedi of horses!  Another exclamation point!

Unicorns aside, the story is a nice twist on the usual “horny, drunk teenagers hit the woods and are attacked by some generic evil and die in a shower of blood and guts.”  The twist and humor is akin to other witty dark comedies like Tucker & Dale vs. Evil and Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon.  And to top it off, the satire of the genre is just plain top notch!

Is he Lewis Black-ing with his hands there?

Thor cut his hair...and lost his ability to call lightning.
With Whedon and Goddard delivering a rock-solid script, the cast seemed more than preparedto live up to the expectations.  Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth stars alongside Kristen Connolly, Anna Hutchison, Fran Kranz and Jesse Williams star as the doomed friends who hits up the cabin that looks like it was the stunt double for the cabin in the Evil Dead series.  Fran Kranz deserves special mention as the burnout character; Marty, the only guy who seems suspicious over the unusual events and Kranz performance is scene-stealing.  Rounding out the cast are two veterans of the acting game playing the two men who watch and, are possibly behind, what’s unfolding:  Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford.  Is there nothing Jenkins doesn’t rock in?

I loved his work in Army of Darkness.

I have no caption for this photo other than the fact
Jenkins look awesome in it.
It’s really difficult to properly sum up The Cabin in the Woods without revealing too much of the film’s story or its epic ending but all I can say is that the final product was funny, interesting and all around awesome.  Horror films rarely (less than 1% of the time) actually succeed in scaring me so I usually turn to them for a source of humor.  But when I get my mitts on a well crafted dark comedy, it makes all the hours wasted on failed attempts at making my skin crawl worth it and I become a happy boy.  In the end, that’s what The Cabin in the Woods provided…making me a happy boy!

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