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Detention - 4 out of 5

Oh detention...I know ye so well!  Don't get me wrong, I wasn't a bad kid, I just like to socialize and teachers hate that.  My memories of detention were nothing more than me catching up on homework or reading--nothing exciting or entertaining.  However, Detention is far better than the detention I was used to.

"I'm a Golden King of the World..."  I think I may have mixed up my movie
references in this caption.

This meta-comedy is nearly impossible to properly sum up because the movie's story is completely off-the-wall (in a good way).  It starts as a simple self-aware satire of a teen slasher movie like Scream (which is, itself, a satire of the horror genre) but goes off into new territory like it recieved a shot in the arm with a concoction of espresso, cocaine and pop culture references.  By the time the credits hit, the movie is just a shadow of its beginning self.  And, believe it or not, time travel, mutants, aliens and global destruction all somehow come into play in this one.

This movie LOVES the 90s.  More than VH1 has loved the 90s.

At first, the movie is hilarious, brilliant and annoying--all at the same time!  The witty use of breaking the fourth wall is brilliant but the fast, coke addict-like pace the movie has is nearly enough to give a person a seizure.  Furthermore, its obsession with cramming in as many references to the 90s as it can starts to wear thin, as thin as the unnatural Diablo Cody-style pretentious dialogue.

Are they in some sort of gigantic Iron Man suit?

Thankfully, I adjusted to the film's frantic pace, realized the 90s references have a purpose and the awful Cody-like dialogue was replaced with something more in-sync with the overall tone of the film.

Yeah, they try to pass her off as an unattractive, strange feminist character.
All she's missing is the large glasses and ponytail in order to achieve a win in
high school movie Bingo.

Really shocked he didn't ruin this movie.
Going into this movie, I had two reservations.  They came in the form of Josh Hutcherson and Dane Cook.  Hutcherson plays the high school hunk; Clapton Davis, who is desired by the ladies but mostly by the socially awkward student activist (yet, in typical high school film fashion, is still incredibly attractive despite how other characters claim otherwise); Riley Jones (Shanley Caswell).  Hutcherson is not a good actor.  There, I said it.  In fact, he's rarely even passable in his roles.  However, he shocked me in this one because Detention has to be the first time ever I've watched Hutcherson and said, "Wow, he didn't completely suck."  Then again, he did get a executive producer credit for this one and maybe that helped him try for once.

That's the same look on my face when I saw his performance in The Hunger Games.

Loud stand-up and joke thieving extraordinaire Dane Cook plays the high school's principal.  In case you haven't gauged it from my description of the man or the pot shots I've taken at Cook in other reviews, I'm not a fan of the guy.  He's terrible on stage and just as bad in front of the camera.  However, like Hutcherson, Cook didn't completely suck in this one and was, surprisingly, passable.

"I'M DRINKING COFFEE--HA HA HA...BLOW JOB!!!" is how Dane would
have described this still in his stand up routine.  Lay off him, he thinks loud = funny.

Detention is like Scott Pilgrim after a double-shot and a "whatever pills it can stuff down its gullet" type of film.  It's chaotic, strange and hard to handle at times but the end product is something so amazingly unique it's a film that you can't pass up.  Well, technically you could pass it up know what I'm saying...leave me alone.


  1. Thank you for posting another great review, Rev. Ron! I went online and rented Detention on Friday afternoon, shortly before leaving my office it DISH. It was downloaded to my Hopper DVR and ready to watch by the time I got home. I have a place in my heart for meta movies like National Lampoons Dirty Movie; a film about a film company making a movie about dirty jokes. Detention feel it that same category for me; although not as good. There were some funny moments in the movie, and everyone will like picking out movie references, but beyond that there is little going for this movie. Given that Dane Cook is in it, I am surprised that it was as good as it seemed.

  2. Dane Cook is the anti-Christ of Comedy.


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