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$9.99 - 4 out of 5

What if you could find meaning and happiness for only $9.99? That’s the basis for the 2008 Australian/Israeli stop-motion animated film--cleverly titled; $9.99.

Can claymation figures get lung cancer?

That kid is literally holding all the money I have in my
checking account right now.
Dave Peck is an unemployed 28 year old man living with his father who finds an ad for a booklet that promises the meaning of life for only nine bucks and change. As Dave leaps at this opportunity, stories of his neighbors in his apartment building begin to unfold, showing how everyone is trying to find their own meaning and their own happiness in a trying world. One story sees a couple break-up when marriage is discussed, another sees a lonely man find friendship with an angel and another sees Dave’s brother start a relationship with a model that has the potential to end badly for the man.

Wow...this clay man's house is better than mine!  Made of more solid material too.

There's clay boobies in this!  It simultaneously makes me
feel funny and ashamed.
$9.99 is a very deep, adult-oriented story told through a medium that is usually associated with children’s tales.  Very adult...there's actually nudity. Which is one of the reasons it works so well. The obvious dichotomy of these facts makes the bittersweet story provide a more massive impact as all the tales come to their conclusions. At its heart, the story is what drives $9.99 but with smooth animation and great voice acting from the likes of Geoffrey Rush and Anthony LaPaglia, the film becomes an impressive piece of work that rivals a lot of live action movies.

Looks like my job...when my boss isn't looking that is.

Would I buy a book that promises the meaning of life for nine dollars? No. Because chances are I won’t like the answer but I’d pay that money to watch $9.99 because this one is worth it. Besides, if I was out to try and find meaning in a meaningless existence, would I really spend my time sitting in my underpants watching movies in the dark and reviewing them on a blog few read? To answer my own question…yes, yes I would.

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