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American Reunion

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American Reunion - 3 out of 5

The American Pie franchise is a mediocre one at best.  I don't say that to be mean because I find mild entertainment value from the franchise hidden within its collection of toilet humor, dick jokes and gratuitous nudity and some of those moments are genuinely funny.  However, they would be more so if they weren't so damn predictable.

The first film set the stage, the second felt obligatory, American Wedding was funnier than I anticipated and the other, National Lampoon-style wannabe titles like Band Camp and The Naked Mile, are nothing more than masturbation material for the unlucky few thirteen year olds in the country who don't have access to the internet but have a Walmart that sells the DVDs.  When I first saw a new American Pie film was on its way out, I didn't bother to watch the trailer because I already knew I wasn't going to spend the money on seeing it in the theater, it would be a Redbox rental for me.

The look of Jason Biggs when he found out they were filming a new American Piemovie...later uncontrollable weeping and cries of "Work! Work!" were heard.

I already predicted many things going into American Reunion.  I predicted Seann William Scott would steal the movie as Stifler, Jason Biggs would make awkward more annoying than endearing and funny as Jim, Chris Klein would whisper his way through the whole movie as the lifeless, nearly background character of Oz Thomas Ian Nicholas would be the white equivalent of the toking black character who would bring little to the film's formula except an extra to offer up tidbits of story to and a few lines.  Eddie Kaye Thomas will be pushed as the dry funny one as Finch but, as usual, wouldn't fit the part.  All the while, the jokes are all sex-based and predictable but not entirely terrible.  In the end, I had a feeling that I would be moderately entertained by American Reunion.

It looks like the character of Kevin gave up on showering...and looks like
he's late for a DMB concert.

But you know what?  I kinda enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

13 years after the first film (Wow!  Has it been that long?) the original crew is back for their 10 year high school reunion...10 year reunion...13 years later?  Okay.  So, Jim and Michelle have a kid now (remember, they got married in American Wedding) and are having some sexual rut issues and they hope the reunion can reignite the spark.  As a man who's been to his 10 year high school reunion, I can already tell them that nothing good happens from one's reunion.  First off, I crashed mine in hopes of irritating people but no one was mad and my high school crush told me I was still fat.

Chris Klein is French Stewart'ing.

I'm 90% sure Mena Survari turned into a demon at
some point since the first movie.
The group comes back together to find that Finch (aka Shit Brick) has become The World's Most Interesting Man, Oz is a ESPN-style broadcaster with a party girl girlfriend (a Tara Reid-like character played by Katrina Bowden) who becomes conflicted when he sees his first love Heather (Mena Survari) with another man, Kevin is a house husband in a strong relationship who also becomes conflicted when he sees his first love Vicky (an actual Tara Reid) and all the while Stifler is still the same foul-mouth nutball guy.  More problems arise when Jim meets back up with the now legal girl he used to babysit; Kara (Ali Cobrin), who's hell bent on loosing her virginity to him (Why?  Only the screenwriter knows) and Jim's dad (Eugene Levy) decides it's time to move on after the death of his wife leaves him a widow.

Voted Best Eyebrows in the business 10 years running!

For the most part, American Reunion is grossly foreseeable but still entertaining.  The movie isn't the greatest comedy to be put out there but it's not entirely terrible either.  Seann William Scott and Eugene Levy prove to (once again) be the highlights of the movie--and it probably explains why these two are the only ones in this franchise who actually have a recognizable career outside of a film series that centers on a young boy having intercourse with a pie.

Scott, doing his impression of the The Rock (Remember, he was in The Rundownwith The Rock?  You know what?  Not all these captions can be awesome, alright?)

The film gets pretty sloppy towards the end as they tack on others from the first film like Natasha Lyonne, Shannon Elizabeth, Chris Owens (The Sherminator) and even a reunion of the MILF chanters; John Cho and Justin Isfeld.  Each of these came rapid fire-like within the closing moments of the movie like the writers forgot about them.  Also, throughout the entire film's running time, Michelle Hannigan's face began to freak me out as I became convinced it was made from a living liquid that flowed and molded itself in an effort to replicate each emotion.  It was like Hannigan was an alien wearing a futuristic, other-worldly mask that didn't quite understand the complexities of human emotion and was constantly trying to vainly figure it out.

Shannon Elizabeth was also heard to be crying and yelling "Work! Work!" when
this film was announced.

Hannigan's T-1000-like face aside, American Reunion isn't a bad movie.  It offers up a nice sense of nostalgia seeing the crew together again but it's not like this franchise was such a grandiose spectacle in the annuls of film that this feeling is enough to sell this movie alone.  Basically, American Reunion is a decent addition to an alright franchise.  The movie isn't stellar but not a worthless piece of shit either.  There are far worse comedies you could waste your time and money on.      

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