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Jekyll - 5 out of 5

 Everyone knows Robert Louis Stevenson's classic tale the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  That is unless you watch Jersey Shore...then chances are you can't read and probably spend most of your time coloring and not even staying in the lines!  Over the many years, the chaotic dynamic duo of Hyde and Jekyll have been imagined and re-imagined into many different variations including the Alan Moore comic book that saw him team with other literary characters and an embarrassing 80s film about the Hyde potion being made into the form of cocaine that culminated in quite possibly the worst comedy based on a single joke every created--and that's just naming two instances.

Meet our new Jekyll...

In 2007, Doctor Who/Sherlock writer Steven Moffat made his own unique vision that is just as amazing (maybe more) than the original story.  Rather than re-tell the story, Moffat created a sequel of sorts as it is revealed that the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde WASN'T a work a fiction but Dr. Jekyll was a real man and one of his descendants has acquired the family curse.  The show revolves around Dr. Tom Jackman as he tries to balance his unique attributes and tries to create two separate lives where he and...his other self...can exist peacefully.  At least as peacefully as a overly aroused, rage-filled maniac with increase stamina, strength and agility can.  However, it turns out that there is an organization that wants Jackman to learn the secrets of Jekyll's potion.  Now it becomes no longer a fight for balance but a fight for his life as the organization targets his family to get Hyde.

And this handsome fella is our new Hyde.  Notice the differences?

As if the story wasn't enough, the portrayal of Jackman/Hyde by James Nesbitt (see him in The Hobbit this year!) makes the show.  Seeing him being able to successfully pull off two characters who act completely different within the same body is almost hypnotic!  Even the way the show handles the differences between the two men is incredible as subtle differences are incorporated into their physical appearance.  But Moffat didn't stop there, either.  He continued to pummel the viewer with awesomeness as the show culminates in some of the best twists in the world of entertainment!  The final moments of the show are enough to make someone wet themselves out of sheer amazement (wut?  That's never happened to you?) that an upgraded TARDIS?

ARGHH!!  It's a new Batman villian!
The only downside to the series was the fact that the BBC rejected Moffat's idea of coming back for a second season.  With the rich characters and mythology that Moffat magically created for this series, NOT coming back to further dive into the mysteries of Jackman's history, lineage and abilities feels like a mistake that would be made on American television, not English.  However, the series ends in a way where just enough is showed to you that one's imagination (another thing a Jersey Shore viewer is incapable of) can fill in the rest and daydream about what happened without being irritated by the idea that you will never see a true end to the story.

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