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Henry's Crime

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Henry's Crime - 3 out of 5

Henry's Crime is a romantic comedy heist film about a guy (Henry) who is framed in a bank robbery and ends up paying the price by serving hard time.  After he is released, he decides he going to actually go through with the crime he paid for and rob the bank.  Along the way, he falls in love with an actress trying to make it big (that's where the romantic comes into in this comedy heist).  And did I mention that Keanu Reeves plays Henry?  That's right...this is a romcom that stars Neo from The Matrix.


We all love Keanu's okay, you can admit it.  We don't love him because of his acting abilities because, let's face it, he's not an amazing actor but he seems like a decent dude.  Other than fact it appears he can't age, he seems like the kind of guy who would help you move and genuinely seemed excited to do so.  He seems like the guy who would be more than welcome to lend you 20 bucks when you needed it and would call you up out of the blue to go and have lunch for no other reason than to hang out with you.  Also, despite all his years of acting, he still hasn't let his surfer voice go the way of the dodo and, believe it or not, I don't want it to go away.  Maybe it's just me and there's the very real possibility that I could be wrong, but Keanu seems like he'd be a nice guy and this movie plays well off that preconcieved notion.

"I'm smiling...also...Whoa."

Henry is your stereotypical nice guy--He goes to jail for a crime he didn't commit and didn't bother selling out his friends who left him to get raped in the slammer, for crying out loud.  After going to prison, he befriends his cellmate (Max Saltzman) who is a "lifer" in the prison game--a guy who has settled into the life in the iron cage and doesn't want to leave, he even blows his parole hearings in order to remain under lock and key.  James Caan plays this lifer and in comes the strongest part of the film:  The pairing of Reeves and Caan.  These two show actual chemistry on screen and come off well as the unlikely pair of friends.

Even Caan looks skeptical of how well the pairing of him and Reeves worked.

After Henry is released from prison, he discovers that one can access the vault of the bank he didn't actually rob from the theater next door and decides he going to go through with the crime he was convicted of but didn't actually do.  He convinces Max to ace his parole and get out of jail to help him and the two enter into a caper...with Henry falling in love with one of the eccentric actresses in the theater; Julie (played by Vera Farmiga).

"Whoa."  (This time with goatee)

Henry's Crime isn't perfect but it isn't terrible.  The film's heist isn't too complicated but it works.  The comedy isn't of the laugh out loud variety but it's never painful to sit through.  And seeing Keanu and Vera playing playful lovers smitten with each other doesn't work the best but it's still passable.  Overall, the movie itself is just that:  passable.  It's never amazing but never terrible at the same time.  It works as a movie to help pass the time when the voices in your head are arguing, waiting to save up enough cash to finally pay off your loan sharks and it helps to kill the time between the times you are rejected by the ladies (or maybe all three of those examples if you're me).

Henry's Crime isn't a movie that you'll come back to but if you want to give it a shot, there's literally thousands of worse films you can choose.  Keanu and James Caan work well together (something I never thought I would say) and the story is just good enough to be fun without dragging and becoming a film you wished would walk into traffic.  The premise offers promises of hilarity that it doesn't fully live up to but doesn't completely disappoint either.

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