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Creation - 4 out of 5
Charles Darwin is either one of history's most brilliant and revolutionary men or one of the greatest evils that has ever risen.  It mostly depends on your upbringing.  If you're a Creationist, you most likely hate the man and if you're not (like me) you think the guy was one of the best things to ever come out of enlightenment and science.  It was Darwin who brought us the Theory of Evolution through his groundbreaking book from his almost endless research called On the Origin of Species.  It was the first time ever that someone went against the status quo and came up with a theory of creation that went beyond the mystic and the idea that an invisible wizard in the clouds wave his hand and made something out of nothing.
I see what you did there...
"Ha ha...that dog is taking a dump."
Creation is a biopic about the man's life long after his fateful journey aboard the HMS Beagle and onto his struggles with writing his book, his close relationship with his eldest daughter and his own struggle with his religious feelings as he evolved (excuse the pun) to go pass a belief in an archaic god.  Stellar actor and admitted atheist Paul Bettany steps into the soles of the shoes that is Charles Darwin and his performance alone is worthy of seeing this film.  It's clear that Bettany dug into his own struggles with religion as he makes Darwin's struggle that much more realistic as the man of science comes to terms with the idea that there is no god and the idea of intelligent design (although not call it that back then) becomes more apparently a fraudulent fairy tale.
It's like he saw into the future and saw what an asshat Kirk Cameron makes of
himself as he tries to deny evolution.
Bettany's performance steals the film but the story itself makes for only a better altogether experience.  Director Jon Amiel weaves a story that showcases Darwin's post-Beagle life excellently as he is tormented with the heavy ordeal of getting his book finished and dealing with his family--mostly his favored daughter; Annie.  It is through his relationship with Annie that helps keep the story moving forward as she simultaneously is his muse and his distraction that keeps him from finishing his job.  How does his daughter become a distraction?  Well, I don't want to spoil the film, so I won't tell you...also, this is where the film takes some creative license in telling Darwin's story and fictionalized the actual events slightly in order to better explore the maddening emotions that the man is going through.
"Um...how long is this staring contest suppose to last?"
Jones was fantastic in his role...even more fantastic is the
fact he is only 3 inches tall.
While Creation is in no way a 100% accurate, on the point journey of Charles Darwin's escapades in writing his ground-breaking discoveries, it is a creative film that shows us, very artistically, what a dangerous and horrifying event Darwin was putting himself through in the name of science.  With Bettany's real-life spouse playing Darwin's wife (Jennifer Connelly) the emotions shown on screen by these two as the film progresses is shockingly realistic and captivating.  Furthermore, Sherlock's Benedict Cumberbatch and Toby Jones join the cast for supporting roles and Jones knocks his part out of the park--even though he was in the movie for a mere fifteen minutes.  While the film has some drawbacks in the form that it tends to, on occasion, feel like it's rambling without a sense of direction--especially when short dream sequences are thrown in to illustrate both Darwin's research and frustration over the book--these shortcomings are quickly null and void with the tremendous performances from the film's cast.

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