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Basket Case 2

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Basket Case 2 - 1 out of 5

A long while back, I reviewed an old comedy/horror film called Basket Case.  The film was about a boy who had a conjoined twin that was...kinda deformed and evil, so his father decided to separate them and toss the deformed half into the garbage.  Despite all logic, the little guy survived and the two brothers sought retribution on those who separated them.  Why's it called Basket Case?  Because the non-deformed brother kept the deformed one in a basket...duh.

This handsome man is the deformed brother!

The man behind the film made the claim that the movie was suppose to be a dark comedy but after watching it, I cried shenanigans because it felt like he was trying to make something serious but a lack of a budget and poor production value made him turn around and say, "um...yeah, I meant it to be a comedy all along."  Kind of like when Tommy Wiseau retconned the movie The Room and tried to claim he was making a comedy the whole time and not the worst film ever made (although it is pretty awesome bad movie).

And this is the non-deformed one...who has a look on his face like he just watched
the movie he was in.

Unbeknownst to me, there was two sequels to this annoying, but entertainingly bad, movie.  This time around, the two brothers are saved by a woman who has a avid interest in freaks and seeks to make an environment where they can be safe from the ridicule of the world.  Duane, the non-deformed brother, decides he wants to have a normal life while Belial, the deformed one if you're not good at the process of elimination, is starting to feel at home with the other freaks that lives in the house and even falls in love with a creature that is much like him...director Frank Henenlotter even treats us to a sex scene of these two lovelies.  However, Duane is quick to find out that a normal life might not be something within his grasp.

Did I just accidentally put The Garbage Pail Kids Movie into my DVD player and not know it?

Unlike the first film, this movie is leaps and bounds better on the production scale as there is some money behind it.  The awful audio, bad acting and horrible editing and special effects are replaced with decent editing, good audio and better practical effects...the bad acting still remains.  However, there's not much of a story going on here--well, there is one but it's sloppy as B-stories are added in of the matriarch of the freak house getting revenge on sideshow freak attractions and the freaks getting their own revenge on some people trying to find and harm Duane and Belial.  There's no real balance of what is going on in the story but that might have to do with the fact that the studio and Henelotter wanted different films and ended up compromising on what was put out.

Wait a that a freak version of the Mythbusters' Jamie Hyneman in the
right corner there?

The film is qualified as a comedy/horror but nothing about it is really funny and it's certainly not scary.  The first one has some redeeming qualities because it was really poorly made and, because of that, makes it entertaining to watch and laugh at but this movie doesn't even have that.  The movie just seems to be lazily put together and doesn't even offer much of an ending.  Instead, this movie just gives you an hour and a half WTF feeling.

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