Sunday, April 15, 2012

Punching the Clown

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Punching the Clown - 4 out of 5

It's about damn time they make a movie about assaulting the living embodiment of all that is unholy and evil in the world.  It's about time we get to see a film that covers the American Dream:  Punching clowns. 


However, it turns out my first impressions of the film Punching the Clown WASN'T about committing physical acts of violence on the painted fools in baggy pants who do more to induce nightmares than induce laughter.  Instead, Punching the Clown is a story about a satirical folk singer who gets tired of playing small gigs around the country and decides to make the journey to L.A. in order to find a bigger audience.  With little effort, our singer friend Henry Phillips finds himself getting noticed and getting big publicity without having to do as much as hum a few bars.  Sure he starts to feel the love of the crowd as he plays the same open mic every night but getting a record contract and a build up of negative press starts to form without any work on his part.

The record label dude in this film looks like how Captain Jack Harkness
would look if he let himself go.

The film is part mockumentary and all comedy as Phillips (a real life comedian and playing himself) sets out with the best intentions of playing his music and entertaining audiences only to find that life deals him a different hand.  The film is put together tremendously well as the shit-storm that is building up without Phillips' knowledge as he goes about his business is collected and paced perfectly.  Phillips also comes off as a perfect combination of kind, naive and innocent so when the trouble that has been building finally lands in his lap you feel incredibly sorry for him...but it's a comedy too so even though you're empathetic towards Phillips' situation, you're still laughing at the absurdity of it all.

The horrors he is seeing off screen cannot be described.

Punching the Clown is a witty and down to Earth comedy that tells a good story.  Phillips' songs that fill the film are enjoyable to hear and add to the humor and the jokes placed within are intelligent, creative and well crafted.  It stinks that it isn't a collection of footage of people taking out their aggressions on actual clowns but the product you get is nearly as good.  Let's face it, actually punching clowns in the groin, throat or face area can never be replaced by ANYTHING!

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