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Tower Heist

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Tower Heist - 4 out of 5

"Rehearsing is for fags."  That's what director of Tower Heist; Brett Ratner, said in a Q&A session after a screening of this film.  I'm saying it only to create context as I am trying to figure out exactly why Ratner has a career.  Sure the first two Rush Hour films are okay and Red Dragon wasn't bad but we need to remember that this bloated douche claimed he slept with the wayyyyy out of his league Olivia Munn, nearly destroyed the X-men franchise with X3 and just comes off as a totally unlikeable D-bag who says crap like "rehearsing is for fags."  Yet, somehow despite being a total worthless human being, he was at the helm of this crime comedy.

"Focker?  I just now got it."

Tower Heist is about a...well, a tower, that some of the richest people call home in New York.  Ben Stiller plays the building manager who discovers that one of the tenants--Alan Alda from M*A*S*H--pulled a successful Ponzi scheme on all the employees and has taken all their retirement money.  Alda's character is put under house-arrest by the F.B.I. and after Stiller's character makes a scene, loses his job--along with several other employees--and uses his new free time to team with a man from his past to formulate a plan to get the money back.  It's Ocean's Eleven tower.

"Suicide is painless, you say?"

Did he just watch his brother as Daredevil?
I was quite surprised by this film on several fronts.  When it was in the theaters, I wanted to see it but my day job barely pays me enough to make ends meet and, believe it or not, reviewing movies on a blog doesn't live the glamorous lifestyle that pornography films would make you believe.  So, I had to wait until it hit Redbox and, after the credits rolled, I found I really enjoyed the movie.  The jokes are solid, the story is entertaining and all involved in the project performed their roles quite well.  Stiller is as good as you've come to expect him to be and the team he forms with matches his skill quite well as he finds teammates in the form of the more talented Affleck; Casey, Matthew Broderick, Michael Pena and the precious one; Gabourey Sidibe.  However, more surprisingly is Eddie Murphy and what he brings to the film.

When exactly is your day off going to end, Ferris?

Are we going to see a return of the Murphy we
use to know?
Eddie Murphy was one of my biggest influences as a kid and when I started getting on stage and telling jokes in front of an audience, he was one of the greats I looked to for motivation.  However, as Murphy got older and started a family, he turned away from his roots and looked for more family friendly entertainment...instead we got Daddy Daycare.  Yet, shockingly, Murphy seems to have returned to his past glory (or at least, a reasonable facsimile) in this film.  Foul mouth and funny Murphy from the days of Trading Places and Coming to America is seen here.  It was actually quite refreshing and one of the aspects of the film I enjoyed the most.

I realize The Heartbreak Kid was awful but does Stiller really deserve to be arrested
for being in it?

Despite being made by Hollywood's biggest windbag of a director, Tower Heist is a genuinely entertaining and funny film.  It's not as slick or star-studded like an Ocean's film and the heist is no where NEAR as complicated as other caper films but the emphasis was on the humor, not on the actually crime being committed so it's forgivable that the crime isn't that complex.  In the end, Heist is just a fun movie that was well made, funny and had a terrific cast delivering extremely well.

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