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Puss in Boots

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Puss in Boots - 4 out of 5

I really like the Shrek franchise.  It put Dreamworks on the map for a possible animator contender and it was the first fairly tale to teach the moral that beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.  None of that Beauty and the Beast bullshit that tries to say that but in reality, their morale is far shallower.  "But Ron, Belle fell for the Beast when he was hideous and mean." Yes, but the Beast turned into a rich and handsome Prince.  What does that tell you?  "Keep at him, ladies!  If he's not what you want him to be right away, you can turn him into what you he's rich!"

Hey Puss, her eyes are up there!

The Shrek films went on to make bookoo bucks.  The 2nd remains my favorite and Rumpelstiltskin went on to be my favorite villain from the supposed final film (we all know there will be more, Dreamworks).  Sure the 3rd film isn't the best but I walked away from all of them entertained and each gave me that warm feeling in my heart when the lesson was learned.  Hoping to continue to make those bookoo bucks, Dreamworks gave a spin-off movie to the only character who was both deserving and capable of holding their own film:  Puss.  It's not like Donkey could have had one...his love affair with the dragon is creepy enough as it is, I don't need to see it in his own movie.

Oh...he's even adorable as a kitten!!!

When Puss was introduced in the 2nd film, the Shrek film really hit its stride because the character was not only well crafted and funny, Antonio Banderas lending his smooth, sexy voice to the feline made the character even more timeless than the original character it is crafted after from the fairy tales of old.  Taking place before he met the big green man, we see Puss as a kitten in a small orphanage in an old west style part of Shrek's world.  Alongside Humpty Dumpty (voice by the lovely Zach Galifianakis) the duo try to find the mythic magic beans that will take them to the realm of the giant that owns the Golden Goose.  But Humpty is a bad egg (pun intended) and Puss ends up going on the run after his character has been besmirched.  Years later after becoming a hit with the female kitties and a swashbuckling purr-machine, he runs into another thief called Kitty Softpaws (voice by the even lovelier Salma Hayek) and Humpty.  It turns out that Jack and Jill (not the Adam Sandler film, thank goodness) have the beans they need and, reluctantly, Puss agrees to join in on the adventure.

It's a little creepy that Jack and Jill look more like brother and sister than a married couple.
Still not as creepy as Donkey's relationship with the dragon.

Like the Shrek films, Puss in Boots is one of those great animated movies that both kids and adults can enjoy together.  The jokes are witty and clever and the voice acting is top notch.  Banderas, Galifianakis and Hayek all bring their characters to life alongside Billy Bob Thornton and Amy Sedaris as Jack and Jill--oh, and famed director Guillermo del Toro even uses his voice in this feature!  The only drawback I had from the movie was the fact the overall feel of the feature didn't feel like it existed in Shrek's universe.  The dusty old west setting proved to be such a drastic change from the lush worlds we've seen in the franchise that it felt like Puss was actually from another planet or dimension.  Sure we have the fairy tales characters littered in the film like Humpty, the Golden Goose and Jack and Jill but the movie just didn't seem like it existed on the same planet Shrek calls home.  But that's just me.

Humpty...a rotten egg.  Don't worry, I'll beat myself up for that lame caption gag.

However, this minor distraction is barely a distraction at all because the story is fun, the characters are better and the movie is just an all around fun experience to sit through.  Puss proves that he is a strong enough character to have his own film and not just another Shrek sidekick.  And that's some good leche. 

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