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A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas

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A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas - 3 out of 5

It's a movie about drugs so that ain't baby powder.
When Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle came out, I didn't give it a chance because the trailer uttered the phrase, "From the creators of Dude, Where's My Car?"  That movie nearly made me commit suicide because it was one of the dumbest films I've ever seen.  However, in college, some buddies decided to throw it in and because girls don't like me and I had nothing else to do, I decided to join in and I was pleasantly surprised with how funny the film was.  Harold and Kumar proved to be a modern day Cheech and Chong and the movie proved to be an excellent wacky stoner comedy.  When the sequel came out, Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay, the title alone sold me and when they ventured into 3-D for a Christmas film in 2011, it was all but guaranteed that I would see it.  But since I am cripplingly poor, I didn't get to see it in glorious 3-D and had to settle and wait for it to come to Redbox.  A large part of me is glad I waited and only paid a buck to see it.

Wow, a shake-weight joke...was doing gags about viagra too high brow?

Seriously, was there a quota of annoying characters
they were trying to fill?
A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas isn't terrible but can't hold a candle to their previous adventures.  The movie is about our two loveable stoners who, sadly, have grown apart as their romantic and professional lives have gotten in the way..  However, when the time comes to hang the mistletoe with care, they find themselves once again in a larger-than-life adventure that blends the edges of reality and something that Hunter S. Thompson probably created with his mind.  Unlike the previous two films, the genuinely funny moments don't happen till well in the film as the beginning is filled with one bad annoying character after another.  It's not until these annoyances are removed that the funny comes...then you have to deal with Neil Patrick Harris.

The best character in the film...WAFFLEBOT!

I get it, everyone thinks NPH is funny but to me, he always
looks like he's trying to hard to make you laugh.
I've come to terms with the fact that I'm the only man in the world who doesn't find NPH funny but the reality is I find him enjoyable in the Harold & Kumar films.  The first outing, seeing Doogie Howser out of his element as a sex crazed, cocaine obsessed criminal was amusing and seeing him bring that same flavor with some hallucinogens and having a terrifically funny scene with Rob Corddry was fantastic in the 2nd film but the overplayed, overly-familiar and NPH's overbearing effort to be funny has officially jumped the shark and, maybe in my humble opinion, less of him would have been better.  Not to mention that another staple of the Harold & Kumar series was absent and I felt having him instead of Howser would have improved my laughing experience.  I'm speaking of course of Christopher Meloni.  Playing fun characters in the last two, it was disappointing not seeing him this time around.

We lost Christopher Meloni but we gained Casey Jones!

Don't find him funny in videos?
Don't worry, he's not funny here either.
Once annoying actors like writer Amir Blumenfeld are, thankfully, phased out of the film's story, the movie starts to get some moments that are laughable but, by this point, nearly half of the film is over and I found myself too busy wiping the scenes that reeked of trying too hard out of my mind to enjoy the zany moments shared by our two friends--scenes like seeing them on an acid trip in claymation.  Sure some people may say that the fact that Danny Trejo is in the movie and that's a reason to see it but seeing a movie for him stopped being relevant when he made Machete and the day I realized he's in every movie that has ever been made.

I wasn't lying about the claymation.  Why don't you ever believe me?

A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas isn't awful and it has its moments.  Once the film kicks into gear and loses the parts that don't work, I found myself entertained and laughing.  If you're a fan of the other films or just enjoy stoner comedy, you can't really go wrong but if you don't like the other films, there really isn't anything for you to see because, unfortunately, this wasn't the best adventure shared by Harold & Kumar.

Danny is in at least 200 films...a week.

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