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Tim & Eric: Awesome Show, Great Job! Season 5

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Tim & Eric:  Awesome Show, Great Job!  Season 5 - 5 out of 5

Eric Wareheim.
If you're a fan of Tim & Eric, you'll understand that attempting to describe this unique comedy show is like trying to locate a unicorn or a fact on Fox News, it's practically impossible.  The show is a mix of acid trip animations within hallucinogenic skits filled with famous comedies and actors who make you wonder if Tim and Eric picked them up off the streets.  Wild editing, strange sound effects, songs that make you say, "WTF?!?" and writing that one only thought was possible if on some sort of illegal substance is abound on this both loved and hated program on Adult Swim.  Awesome Show is the very definition of absurdist and off-the-wall much in fact, it actually defines these aspects as a definition.  Here's a sample to help get the idea...

Tim Heidecker.
Strange stuff but, in my opinion, brilliant!  However, not all share my opinion.  Take some time on Adult Swim's website or forums about the show and you'll see that people either hate Tim & Eric or love them and no matter what side of the fence they are on, they express their emotion vehemently.  However, it seems that enough love the duo and their far out style enough to have the show air for five seasons, this being it's final season--but we get to see the duo take their oddity to the big screen with Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie this March (although it was already released on iTunes and other on-demand formats).

Will Ferrell went Amish for the show it seems.

I have no caption for this.  It's Paul Rudd on a computer
thrusting his crotch, do what you want with it.
For their final season, Tim and Eric took their show to darker territory as the skits become more deranged (and if you followed the show from the beginning like I did, you didn't think that was possible).  It was described as David Lynch attempting comedy and...well, that sums it up.  Skits get dark and almost nightmare inducing.  Nightmare inducing if I wasn't laughing my ass off.  Here's another taste of the horrifying humor...

Was that too much for you?  Here's a less blood clip of theirs from an older episode.  Enjoy this song by Tim and Eric...

Will Forte has been a reoccurring cast member for some time.
Aside from the humor and spectacle that is truly one of a kind with Awesome Show, one of the greatest aspects of the show is the guest stars who show up.  Comedies and comedic talent like Ben Stiller, Bob Odenkirk, Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly and Zach Galifianakis are almost a given to see on this program but Tim and Eric every season would throw curve balls at you and give you actors like Jeff Goldblum, Alan Thicke and even singers like Richard Marx and Chicago frontman Peter Cetera showed up.  Add these various types of talent to the struggling actors and the people that seems like they were pulled off from the streets and it only amplifies the surreal nature of the show.

See, I wasn't lying.  That's Richard Marx.

You'll either enjoy or loath Tim & Eric.  The style is unlike anything that's ever been seen on TV and because of that, there's no way you can simple flip on the program and walk away saying, "meh, it was okay."  At this point, I've already exhausted my brain and typing fingers attempting to describe the brilliance I see this show so, instead, I'm just going to show you another clip of the show that contains one of their more unique members of the show:  James Quall.  Enjoy...

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