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The Simpsons Season 14

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The Simpsons Season 14 - 4 out of 5

I know I shouldn't be aroused by this but...
It's hard to believe that The Simpsons have been on the air in excess of twenty years.  It's amazing to think that this animated program has been (and still is) a major part of my life as I grew up with it and still quote episodes from the show's heyday.  However, Season 14 marks a truly special occasion--no, it has nothing to do with the fact that it contained the episode where Marge got breast implants or Homer was kissed by a homosexual--Season 14 marks the year I gave up on The Simpsons.

Read previous caption for a joke callback.

As if the jokes weren't recycled enough, we get yet
another Sideshow Bob episode.
The year was 2002 and I was a young college man just transferring to a new university.  When The Simpsons first started, seeing them every Sunday on Fox was a ritual I didn't miss but by the time this season hit, I started to notice the show didn't make me laugh as much as it used to.  I started to get one good laugh per episode and found the majority of the show's focus was nothing but bad jokes about being stupid from Ralph (a character I NEVER found funny to begin with) and watching Homer get hurt.  I started to question what happened to the witty parodies and gut-busting gags that came from the eccentric cast of characters from Springfield.  Add to the fact I was fully enthralled with Futurama (at this point, I had already declared that this 2nd Matt Groening show was better than his first) and seeing their witty smart humor compared to the sliding down grade of humor The Simpsons was churning out, I found myself not caring if I missed an episode.  Then, this season ended with Futurama's cancellation in favor of tricking Matt Groening to keep The Simpsons on the air and I said, "to hell with Springfield" and never watched an episode on its initial broadcast again.

Peter Griffin makes a amusing cameo.

Despite the writing taking a very noticeable nosedive and admitting the real fact the show has gone on long past its expiration date, I still love The Simpsons--that is to say, I love classic episodes but I'm willing to keep giving it a shot when these collections come out on DVD.  Now when this season first started, I was still on board but quit halfway through when I stopped laughing, so the first half is still very funny however, the 2nd half--the half I didn't see before--was...okay.  Occasionally on each episode I'll get a laugh but for every time the show gave me a genuine chuckle, I had to endure Ralph saying something generically stupid or watch Homer fall off a cliff for the fifteenth time--fifteenth just for that season, mind you.

The wit seen on on these signs are few and far between now and a callback to the show's former glory.

Yes, The Simpsons is not as funny as they used to be but should that be a surprise?  The creator of the show has all but abandoned it to give his full attention to the more deserving show Futurama.  However, The Simpsons still have its moments but, sadly, that's all the show is anymore...small moments.

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