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The Life & Times of Tim Season 1

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The Life & Times of Tim Season 1 - 4 out of 5

Meet Tim.
I really enjoy HBO's programming but, sadly, can't afford the station itself.  Thankfully, TV on DVD exists and I can catch up on the premium cable network's shows.  However, while I buried myself in Curb Your Enthusiasm, Boardwalk Empire, and the other hundred great shows from the past and present, I somehow missed The Life & Times of Tim and its premiere in 2008.  The first animated program to hit HBO's airwaves since Todd McFarlane's Spawn, the series was originally made to be aired on Fox but ultimately made its way to cable instead--which is a good thing because it allows the series to get away with more, have more creative freedom and if it did make it to Fox, it would have been cancelled within its first season to make room for the next show that involves singing instead of a script.

You smell that?  Smells like blasphemous humor.
The show revolves around an average white guy living an average life at an average job with an average girlfriend named Tim who finds himself constantly doing, saying or involved in the wrong thing at the wrong time.  Then, while trying to dig himself out of his grave he finds himself in, he only ends up getting deeper into the soil as the wrong chips keep piling up, and piling up right in front of him simultaneously as the proverbial shit hits the fan.  The show hits cringe levels that harken back to the first few seasons of NBC's The Office and the uncomfortable shenanigans that Michael Scott would get involved in and that's not a bad thing at all!

Tim's boss is a constant source of amusement this season.
The animation on the show is nothing spectacular and exists only to put more emphasis on the humorous dialogue and exchanges between the characters.  In fact, if I was going to attempt to describe the animation and overall appearance of the show, I would hazard a guess that it was made by someone who is really good at MS Paint but not enough to make the jump to Adobe Photoshop.  But the animation isn't the driving force of the show, and it never was meant to be.  The superior voice acting done by some well known comedians bringing situations to life on near static cartoons is what makes this a fantastic show to watch.  All the interactions between characters feel real and completely improvised and work to make the situations even more amusing.

The Life & Times of Tim is a brilliant comedy on a great network that I am displeased with myself that I didn't discover earlier.  I'm excited to move on to the next season and see what uncomfortable situations Tim gets into.

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