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Hanna - 4 out of 5

Usually when a film is centered on a child, several reactions are common:  Disgust over the fact the kid can't act (and we always forget the kid is young and hasn't had much time to perfect the craft), laughter or gushing over how cute the kid is.  Rarely do we see an underager kick ass in an action role that makes one take a step back.  In recent memory, Hit-Girl's epic fight scenes in Kick-Ass have to be some of the best I've ever seen done when the character is a child.  However, Hanna has to come in at a close second.

She can kill you seven ways with her left hand and her pale complexion and piercing
blue eyes can creep you out ten ways.

Raised to be the perfect killing machine in the wilds of Finland, Hanna (Saoirse Ronan) lives alone with her father (Eric Bana) until the day comes he believes her to finally be ready.  He leaves her alone with a transmitter that will alert those who initially crafted her to her location.  Hanna flips the switch and her final test is put into motion as the CIA comes to claim her.  Now Hanna finds herself in a fight for survival, a fight to unearth her past and a fight to understand what she is truly capable of.

She's ordering 100 pizzas to be delivered to the FBI.  Those CIA operatives are such pranksters!

Hanna is slick, face-pounding action flick with Ronan making the little assassin both believable
If you listen closely in this scene, you can hear Eric Bana
humming "Staying Alive."
and a legitimate bad-ass.  Tight editing, dynamic camera work and cinematography that makes the white wonderlands of Finland and the graffittied slums of Europe look stunning, Hanna proves right off the bat that it is a killer action film and continues to prove it as Hanna is hounded by the crazed CIA operative played by the beautiful Cate Blanchett, showing how the movie is both able to deliver in your face fight scenes set to techno (the only time I forgive the existence of techno is when it is set to a great fight scene) and heart as we see the incredibly lethal, but afraid and naive Hanna try to make it in this new foreign world.  Remember, this girl was raised in a cabin in the middle of the woods in Finland, they probably didn't even have indoor plumbing there and I'm glad we didn't get to see the first time Hanna came face-to-face with a toilet.

Remember when Eric Bana was in Ang Lee's terrible adaptation of The Hulk?
Well, this movie will make you forget that fact!

Watching Hanna's story unfold definitely kept me glued to the screen but only one thing that bothered me about the film is Cate Blanchett's horrible accent.  However, to walk away from a movie that delivers a great story with fluid fights scenes (including Mr. Eric Bana kicking some major ass) and the only fault that can be found is in a bad accent shows just how entertaining this movie was.

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