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Cheaper by the Dozen 2

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Cheaper by the Dozen 2 - 2 out of 5

If you read my review of the first film, you would remember that I felt that the film was marginally entertaining.  It wasn't spectacular but it wasn't terrible.  The movie had charm in the fact that all the actors on the screen genuinely looked like a real, big, hectic and loveable family.  Despite the fact that Cheaper by the Dozen didn't require a sequel, one was made.
It seems a living skeleton or heroin addict was added to the cast for this one.

The Baker family is growing up and the birds are all leaving the nest.  Some are off to college, one is moving out of state and about to become a parent themselves and the others are in the process or path to the process of puberty.  So big daddy Baker (Steve Martin) wants to have one big hoo-rah with the kids at Lake Winnetka.  While there, the Baker clan meets their arch-rivals, the insanely rich Murtaughs.  The battle over who is the superior family begins and culminates in competition that boils down to a collection of picnic games and settling with a boat race that would rival the cliche idea of the rich, privileged kids of the higher echelon fraternity taking on the party animals of the academically challenged one.
That's the werewolf kid from the sparkling vampire movies before he became the lustful
obsession of lonely and perverted housewives everywhere.

Even Steve looks disappointed by this movie.
Sure the first one wasn't amazing but when compared to this one, it looks like the Citizen Kane of family comedies.  Even the absence of Ashton Kutcher doesn't save this film as he is replaced with someone equally annoying and the opposite of gender:  Carmen Electra.  If she wasn't crafted in a plastics factory, her attempts at acting might be cute.  Electra plays the trophy wife of the Murtaugh family but her acting isn't the only difficult thing to swallow in her role as she is paired with the occasional funnyman Eugene Levy.  Levy can be funny in the right role but trying to believe he's a rich, cultured man after seeing him as the father of a pie-screwer is as hard as believing he's got enough money for a former-Playboy centerfold to marry him.
No amount of disbelief can make me buy this one.

Cheaper by the Dozen 2 is the embodiment of a pointless sequel as the story is hack, the jokes are bad slapstick involving people falling down and the heart of the first one is missing.  Honestly, if Steve Martin wasn't in this, I would have had no reason to give this one a chance.

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