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Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies

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Wishmaster 2:  Evil Never Dies - 2 out of 5

If you keep up with my blog and the movies I review, you might remember that a couple of weeks ago I watched Wishmaster.  However, believe it or not, it was the 2nd film that made me decide to watch the weak franchise because I was told about this scene...(sorry about the poor quality of the video)

Okay, so this guy in prison asks the Wishmaster to grant his wish of having his lawyer "fuck himself" and that video is what we get.  So, the lawyer's lower half bends around backwards and seemingly rotates in order to properly fuck himself.  Now, having a basic understanding of the human anatomy, one must realize that this still wouldn't work as the part that needs to do the sticking and the part that needs to have the sticking done to it are still not in a position where they can accomplish this wish.  It is this type of "quality" that sold me on watching this horrible franchise and I have to say, I'm not disappointed because this, and the first one, are so bad that they are hilarious to watch.

If you read my review of the first movie, let me assure you that his horrible "evil" voice is still here...
and laugh out loud funny.
In the first film, it's revealed that the Wishmaster (or the Djinn) needs to collect some souls and then have the person who awoke him ask for 3 wishes so that he may become more powerful and unleash his fellow genies unto the world to create a living hell.  Like most horror films, the first film establishes the mythology and the next one reworks, retools or sometimes overhauls the rules.  Remember in the Halloween franchise where Myers was just a guy who went insane but by the 4th, 5th and 6th film it is revealed he is cursed by a cult but then these facts are retconned in the 7th and 8th installments?  Well, in Wishmaster 2:  Evil Never Dies, it's established that the Djinn now needs a 1001 souls (that extra one is for the road) to become powerful enough to grant the three wishes to the one who unleashed him so he can fulfill the prophecy.  Apparently, in the first one, these 1001 souls weren't required.

"I made a poopy."

It looks like this prison guard is yelling at the Djinn but he's
actually complimenting him on his wonderfully soft skin.
That's basically the story of the film--only this time the one who awoke the Djinn is a art thief who's boyfriend dies in the robbery, she's grief-stricken by it for 10 minutes before rekindling a lost love who became a priest and is a little too quick to believe her about the Djinn.  A little different from the first one but the biggest change in this film is the fact that the Djinn pretty much doesn't require the phrase "I wish" anymore and the ironic twists to the wishes he grants are far lazier and anything but ironic now.  Take the lawyer scene for example.  In fact, the writing is so lazy with its "be careful what you wish for" theme that, at one point, an officer of the law holds a gun to our genie (and if you read my review of the first one, looks more like a car salesman than a evil genie) and tells him to freeze.  The Djinn states if that is what he wants, the cop says "yes" and the Djinn freezes him.  Not very ironic and there wasn't a single point where the phrase "I wish" or "I want" or even a "would you kindly" given to warrant an actual wish.  Yes, the writing actually got lazier and weaker than the first one.

Nice suit, your transformation to car salesmen is complete.

Now I sound scathing and I make the film sound like a piece of crap but I want to assure you that it is, in fact, an absolutely horrible film.  However, it is in the craptastic nature of this film that makes it genuinely entertaining--just not the way the filmmakers wanted.  The movie is so awful that it is easy to laugh at and make fun of and it is in this that the movie becomes fun to watch.  Yes Wishmaster 2:  Evil Never Dies sucks but it sucks on a level that still makes it a blast to watch.

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