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Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

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Tucker & Dale vs. Evil - 5 out of 5
It's a case of mistaken identity that takes the genres of comedy and horror and tosses them into a's Tucker & Dale vs. Evil.
A shirtless Dale is funnier and smarter than anything in Jeff Foxworthy's stand up...and less
Confederate Flag-ish.

Tucker and Dale are two common, ordinary hard-working country boys who head out into the woods to fix up the new vacation property Tucker recently purchased.  On the way to the cabin, they come across a group of frat boy douche bags and sorority house stuck up snobs ready for a camping trip in the general area.  Unbeknownst to Tucker and Dale but beknownst (yeah I know it's not a word) to the college kids is that a slaughter of campers occurred in the many years before by some backwoods types.  After a series of misunderstandings, the college kids start to believe that Tucker and Dale are out to kill them and Tucker and Dale start to believe that the kids are insane as accidents start to claim the lives of the campers.
I'll be honest, if a character in a horror film or in real life has a popped collar, I don't root for his survival.

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil has to be one of the funniest and most original dark comedies I have ever seen.  Within moments of the movie, I started to laugh and by the time it hit the 5 minute mark, I was busting a gut (it was messy) and kept the gut busting throughout the entire length of the film (did I mention it was messy...a lot of busted guts).  The writers perfectly blend comedy and horror as the film's story about a mistaken identity goes haywire.  Watching Tucker and Dale try to figure out what is going on around them while the college students are hellbent in their belief they are trapped in a scenario that has become far too common on the killing fields of a horror film is one of the wittiest things I've ever seen done in the world of dark comedies.
Just because a guy is running at you with a chainsaw doesn't automatically mean he's out to kill you.  Stupid kids.

"Why are we covered in blood?  Funny story..."
Not only is the film extremely hilarious, the movie has heart as the characters of Tucker and Dale (played by Alan Tudyk from Firefly and the follow-up film of the show Serenity and Tyler Labine) have real chemistry on screen and come off as genuine friends who care about each other and have NO FLIPPIN' CLUE as to what the hell is going on around them.  Both Tudyk and Labine are just hypnotic to watch with their performances as some unwitting hillbillies who just wanted to relax, fish and fix up a cabin.  Making their performances even better is the fact that they are never portrayed as annoying redneck stereotypes like Larry the Cable Guy.  It's the fact that Dale and Tucker come off as real men in a ridiculous situation that makes the film even more entertaining to watch.
I still haven't forgiven Joss Whedon for Wash's death in Serenity.  Why, Whedon, why?!?

But the true choice cut of the film comes from the movies' death sequences.  Horror/slasher movies love a good death scene and we're quickly getting to the point where we might have seen it all but Tucker & Dale turn that on its nose thanks to its unique story.  The troubled youths who believe these two men are out to kill them, end up spelling their own demise...and in doing so, create further misunderstandings as the surviving members of the camping crew believe these accidents were actually intentional murders by our two loveable leading characters.  When I was able to come up for breath from the long fits of laughter this movie threw me in, the only word I could use to describe this movie was brilliant.  Tucker & Dale vs. Evil has quickly been entered into my list of comedies that I will keep coming back to for laughs over and over again in the years to come.


  1. Awesome review! Can't wait to see it! Looks like my kind of movie :)

    1. I finally got around to watching it. It is brilliant as you say. The writing is off the charts good and you never sense they made it too long. The jokes are funny and very well placed. I agree, this is a classic.


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