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Parks and Recreation Season 3

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Parks and Recreation Season 3 - 5 out of 5

Jersey Shore invaded Pawnee?!?  There is no God!!!
When this show from the creators of The Office centered around the Parks Department in the little town of Pawnee, Indiana, first hit the airwaves on NBC I didn't check it out until a friend of mine informed me that a character on the show shared the same name as me.  At that point, I gave it a shot and found that aside from a few funny moments with Aziz Ansari, the only really entertaining thing about the show was Nick Offerman's performance as Ron Swanson.  Needless to say, I was relieved that a character that happens to have my name wasn't lame, a pedophile or something else that could do harm to me as a person.

They're on the internet and not laughing or smiling...they must be watching a Dane Cook set.

Andy...the loveable idiot.
When Season 2 picked up, things got better as we got to see the epic comedian Louis C.K. take on a reoccurring role that I still wish became a permanent one but as I sat down to watch Season 3, I discovered I was viewing what could be the best season yet.  The majority of my complaints from the past have been nearly erased.  Amy Poehler's character of Leslie Knope is becoming more of her own character and less of a female version of Michael Scott from The Office but even more surprising is the fact I'm starting to come around to Aubrey Plaza's character of April.  I've never been a fan of Plaza due to the fact everything I see her in she's playing the arrogant, sarcastic moody chick who thinks she's superior to everyone else but this season saw some development to her character as April and Andy grew more serious and April starting generating some genuinely funny moments, something that never happened the last two seasons for me.  

Is Ron "Fucking" Swanson doing his impression of Kenny "Fucking" Powers?

Before joining Parks and Recreation's cast, I was 90% sure
Rob Lowe disappeared and joined a cult.
But the true highlights for this season has to come from Rob Lowe and Adam Scott who joined the cast at the end of Season 2.  Rob Lowe is hilarious in his performance but I have to say that I think Scott outshines even the bright Ron Swanson in his portrayal of the nerdy Ben Wyatt.  His comedic performances as a fish out of water in Pawnee and the budding romance between Ben and Leslie really kept the laughs and the season going...but don't worry, Ron Swanson is still the break out funnyman.

Ben Wyatt loves Star Wars...that's enough for me to like his character.

This brings me to my final point...I love Parks and Recreation.  I think it's hilarious and I think the character of Ron Swanson is brilliant but a part of me wishes for the show's cancellation.  In the short time the show has been on the air, the character of Ron Swanson has skyrocketed to fame to the point on a near daily basis I have to assure people that my name really is Ron Swanson.  Every time I show my I.D., every time I perform on stage and meet new young comedians, I have to answer the question of, "Is that your real name?"  I've even been rejected by a women because she said I wasn't like the fictional Ron Swanson enough--that's right, women are even comparing me to a totally made up character and expect me to be like him because the writers decided, coincidentally, to use my name.  It's irritating...then I met a man who's real name is Michael Scott and I realized I wasn't alone in the world.

Maybe this Ron Swanson is superior to me.  I could never grow a mustache that fantastic.

Parks and Recreation is a wonderfully hilarious show with a great cast and great characters and, I guess, I should feel slightly honored that in the unfathomable chances of having the show come up with the exact combinations of first and last names and end up with mine is kind of an honor.  But I'm going to say this one last time...Nick Offerman may play a man name Ron Swanson but I'm the real Ron "Fucking" Swanson!!!

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