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House, M.D. Season 7

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House, M.D. Season 7 - 5 out of 5

 There are two fictional doctors that I'm huge fans of:  Doctor Who and Dr. House.  I'm not going to talk about the time & space traveling Doc today but rather Season 7 of the immensely popular Fox series House, M.D.

"We got soda, the purple stuff, Sunny D..."

Foreman didn't see much in the form of
stories this season.
At the end of Season 6, House is tempted back to the warm embrace of Vicodin after he fails to save a young woman after an accident involving a crane.  Also, even bigger, is the fact Cuddy admitted her love for House when that season came to a close.  So, Season 7 opens with the two entering into a sweaty, sex-filled relationship.  But let's be honest...House is an asshole and there's no way this will last.  Meanwhile, Thirteen takes off and a new member is added to the team that is already in turmoil.  Chase, trying to come to terms with the divorce from his wife, finds solace in the beds of many, MANY ladies.  Taub feels Chase's pain as his marriage comes to a close and he deals with it by moving in with Foreman and getting a young nurse pregnant.  With all this shit flying around, House is still having his "Eureka!" moments when solving the seemingly impossible diagnoses the show hurls at you episode after episode.

Does Olivia Wilde actually exist?  Her level of hotness seems impossible to be real.

The new Sam and Diane?
When the season started and Cuddy and House began their relationship, I was skeptical that it could work.  House's relationships are one of the biggest (and strongest) aspects of the show's foundation.  His relationship with his team as he belittles them, his relationship with his only friend Wilson and his antagonistic relationship and playful flirting with Cuddy was always a source of entertainment and humor to the show.  Changing the dynamic of his relationship with Cuddy made me fear that a new, weaker House would emerge and the show would lose the spark it had...however, I was shocked by how this alteration actually made the season.  Watching the two try to juggle a professional and personal relationship gave some fresh life to the show.

Any scene with House and Wilson is TV gold!

Masters literally did nothing for the show.
The only real drag from this season came with Thirteen's replacement.  A med student named Masters.  This character was suppose to act as the antithesis to House as she is everything the man with a cane is not.  She's honest and has integrity to the point it's a character flaw.  She challenges House on how he operates but this challenge doesn't last long as House breaks her quite quickly.  We're then left with a character that provides little to the team and to the show as a whole.  Thankfully, with Hugh Laurie still dominating as the mean doc and better storylines going on around while Masters is a part of the team, it's easy to forgive and forget this bland, unlikeable character--especially when we get to meet Cuddy's mom, played by Murphy Brown herself, Candice Bergen.

Peter Jacobson, not as hot as Olivia Wilde.

I make that same face when people tell me about Jesus.
House, M.D. Season 7 was a great continuation to the series that took the jerkface we've come to know and love into dangerous new territory as he's forced to deal with a sensitive side of himself he long ago blocked off.  It's this inclusion of House being forced to care about people that made for a great season finale as proves Hell hath no fury like a doctor pissed off at the woman he loves.  However, I still haven't got the one thing I really want from this show:  A chance to see the bill for House's services.

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