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The Hangover Part II

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The Hangover Part II - 3 out of 5
Why does this look so familiar?
 The Hangover was amazing.  It was non-stop hilarious with a great cast and a great comedic director at the helm.  It went on to become the highest grossing R-rated comedies of all time and has since become fully cemented in the annuals of pop culture and jokes about tigers in bathrooms and babies jacking off their little wenises will be around long after those who contracted Beiber Fever are dead and buried from their disease.  And, of course since it got to the point it was nearly printing its own money at the box office, it was declared by the Elders on High at the Hollywood sign that a second film would be made.  And what we got was a rehash of what we already saw that felt more like a remake than a sequel.

Of course, that doesn't mean the film is entirely a wash.

I make that same look when I wake up every morning.
The story is EXACTLY like the last one.  The Wolf Pack wake up after a bender they don't remember having and they find themselves in a world of trouble and danger as they attempt to piece together the puzzle of the night previous.  Stu, Alan and Phil find themselves lost and with a major headache on the streets of Bangkok the day of Stu's wedding.  This time they didn't lose Doug but lost instead Stu's fiance's brother...also a monkey gets involved.

And yes, there are pictures of the adventure at the end.  Like this one...

Offensive?  Yes.  Hilarious?  Absolutely.

Crying or taking a dump in his pants?
The formula didn't change and that becomes the film's Achilles's Heel.  While the story does offer up some entertainment and a few good jokes, the familiar territory keeps the film from reaching the glory the first one contained.  It's this sense of "I've been here" that makes the film reek of cashing in the first one's success--which we already know is the case and I don't fault the actors, director or writers for this but rather the suits in Hollywood who get these types of projects off the ground.

I was greatly disappointed that Doug was not in on the adventure in this one.

The film isn't entirely bad but it's not epic either.  It has it's moments.  Like this one really had me laughing for some reason...

Paul...why are you so damned talented...and handsome?
Paul, can I have some money?
And sure, putting the film in Bangkok, where even the biggest sinners can find someone to out-sin them, set the stage up for some great moments.  And sure, once again, the Wolf Pack delivers in a big way and the relationship and chemistry shown on screen by Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis is palpable and feels genuine and real.  We even get to see the great Paul Giamatti get in on the action.  However, the film decided to up the ante with Mr. Chow (Ken Jeong).  

It's in Bangkok, of course chicks with BangKOKS would show up.

There might have been a little too much Chow
in this adventure.
Ken Jeong's character in the first film had very brief moments but was hysterical in each of them.  The filmmakers decided to take this break-out character and very liberally dose him into the sequel and it gave an already bland, mediocre and predictable sequel an overwhelming taste.  Ken Jeong is a talented and funny comedic actor but when he's already in everything from a Transformers film to Kevin James snoozer Zookeeper, having more Jeong in anything is not a good thing.  He's kinda already over-saturating the market as it is.

When the headache fades, the nausea's subsided and the results of last night's partying is over, The Hangover Part II is exactly what you would expect from a sequel to a film that actually didn't need a sequel.  It's not as great as its predecessor but it doesn't entirely disappoint.  However, the fact that a third is in the works does raise the question of..."Why another one?"

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