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Final Destination 5

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Final Destination 5 - 3 out of 5 

The Final Destination franchise is, and I'll admit it, a HUGE guilty pleasure of mine.  They are over-the-top silly, the stories are ridiculous, the acting is ALWAYS overdone and the sheer fact the movie tries to sell the idea that human beings pretty much explode like a water-balloon full of red Kool-Aid at the slightest impact makes these movies a ball to sit through.  In my opinion, the only one that sucks is the first one as it tries to be a legitimate horror film before deciding that cheesing it up with its Mouse Trap, Rube Goldberg style of death sequences was the true route to take and, when they decided that, the films only became more entertaining.  Even better, the last two were released in 3D as if the producers were like, "Hey, we know our movies are pieces of shit but at least let's make them fun pieces of shit."
"Hey, a wrench is flying through the air.  I'll catch it with my face!"
If you're unfamiliar with the story that surrounds a Final Destination film, have no fear because they're all basically the same.  At the start of every film, our characters are introduced moments before they are brutally killed in some sort of tragedy.  The first film involved a plane disaster, the 2nd involved a major car pileup, the 3rd held a rollercoaster out of control, the 4th was panic at the race track and this one has a suspension bridge collapse.  However, this destruction we see is actually a premonition of one of the characters and, through this character's seeming insanity, they end up grabbing self-preservation by the short hairs and takes some others with them.  However, Death doesn't like when he's cheated and now the grim specter of the afterlife is out to reclaim those who dodge the metaphoric bullet.
Not only does the movie make you suspend disbelief for the outlandish death scenes but it
pushes it further by trying to sell you on the idea that this character is a "ladies man."

The true magic of these films and what really made the 5th installment a blast to sit through, is the death sequences.  The first film attempted to make all the deaths look like tragic accidents that could be easily written off as such but as the franchise grew, these accidents were built higher and higher and ended up resembling the cherished childhood board game of Mouse Trap--only Death's Mouse Trap actually works.  Death sets up a series of events that will ultimate build upon each other until the desired outcome of a bloody end is achieved...and believe me, the ends are bloody in this one!
I didn't know Tom Cruise cloned himself.

To make the deaths even more entertaining, the filmmakers decided to thrown in a bunch of Red Herrings in order to thrown the fans of Final Destination off the scent of the untimely end.  Just when you think you know how one of the characters is going to see the other side--BAM!!!--the movie throws a curve ball and you get a different result.  This change, as well as stepping away from the bad dark comedy The Final Destination (the 4th one) became were incredible improvements on the franchise and, I'm not usually one to show support for a sequel, but it makes me want to see more of them because these movies make me laugh so hard!
Get used to this face, it's the only one she makes the entire movie.  I'm not quite sure if she's sick,
irritated or possibly stoned.

Todd's voice scares the crap out of me.  You could
probably make a horror film of him reading the
McDonald's Dollar Menu.
Forgetting the first one (which contained Stifler), there's never been many known names taking a place on Death's Hit List, however, Champ Kind, David Koechner, stars in this one and the franchise sees a return of the creepy coroner who has a disturbing amount of information of the goings on, Tony Todd (Candyman).  Seeing Todd once again in the film (and not just a voice like he was in 2 or 3) is a real treat to both horror fans and fans of the franchise but I have to say I was slightly disappointed with what little Koechner brought to his role.  Koechner is a very funny man and could have brought some great laughs to a horror series that is already hilarious from its fantastic story's perspective but, for the most part, he was just there as a role filler.  This really isn't a critique on his acting as it was obvious the fault was in the writing and the fact his character didn't have much presence in the script.

Final Destination 5 is a great addition to the franchise and a sequel that brought new life (no pun intended) into the series--enough so that it is completely reasonable to have a couple more movies (hey Hollywood, make more of these movies and less Paranormal Activites.  At least the Final Destination movies don't put people to sleep!)  Final Destination 5 is for all those who don't take their horror films too seriously and just want to pile on the couch with some buddies and laugh the night away as you make fun of a movie that is pretty obviously out to be made fun of.

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