Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Boy Wonder

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Boy Wonder - 3 out of 5

Let's face it, Robin, we'll never
see you in the movies again.

Sorry Robin, this movie isn't about you.  You can thank Hollywood's vicious inner circle and Chris O'Donnell's horrible portraying of Dick Grayson in two Batman films to thank as they pretty much destroyed any possibility of you ever seeing the light of a theater screen ever again.

Boy Wonder is a revenge/vigilante film about a boy's mother who is murder and, like all great vigilante stories, the young child saw the whole thing.  Since that moment, he's been obsessed with discovering the man responsible and has trained his whole life (with a little cheating from some performance enhancing drugs) for the day he finds the man.  Once prepared (both physically and mentally) he begins to hunt down people he believes to be responsible but the ultimate truth turns out to be more than he can handle.  All the while he befriends a young detective who starts to suspect the details of the double life this boy is living.

Did I mention it was a sexy detective?
I love a good revenge story and I get a nerd-on for ones with vigilante elements (hell, that's why Batman is freaking cool).  That being the case, I walked into Boy Wonder with some high hopes--especially since it was recommended to me by my brother-in-law and we rarely disagree on movies.  What I ended up getting from this one was a decent movie with a good story and a fantastic ending.

There's no celebrities one would recognize and the film does have a tendency to drag on some occasions.  However, the story is definitely enough to keep one interested as it has the feel of a dark, gritty crime-theme graphic novel thrown onto the screen.  The film's star (Caleb Steinmeyer) and the boy wonder himself, Sean Donovan, does a terrific job of portraying an individual who appears weak and quiet during the day but, when the sun sets and his prey is in sight, he's a force to be reckoned with as he attacks from the shadows and darkness.  Also, apparently, Caleb was on Lost but I don't remember him, probably because the show became so awful, my mind has wiped away most of my memories of it to save my psyche.

If Crispin Glover and Joseph Gordon-Levitt somehow
were able to make a baby, it would probably be
this guy.

I may have made our film's anti-hero sound like a bad-ass who will kick ass and take down some names (what he uses with the names is anyone's guess) but the film is actually light on the action--but that's not a bad thing since the movie is more about Donovan's journey and how he skirts the razor-thin line of good and evil.  This journey and the path it leads towards his mother's real killer begins to take its tole on him and his mind begins to fracture as he sees evil around every corner.

"It exfoliates while it moisturizes."

Boy Wonder isn't about Batman's sidekick and it isn't a action-packed thrill ride about one man's path to revenge.  Instead, the movie is a dark look at what such obsession can do to a man's psyche and what happens when the truth he's searched so hard for is revealed--whether he's truly ready for it or not.  Some of the actors within the story aren't the best and have a tendency of tossing you out of the film with their poor acting but if you can get passed it, the movie doesn't completely disappoint.  The gritty tone, terrific editing and a great lead actor make for a good film...and its epic ending only seals the deal!!!

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