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Sons of Anarchy Season 3

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Sons of Anarchy Season 3 - 5 out of 5

Jax looks like he should be a lead singer in a Nickelback cover band.
Why anyone would start a Nickelback cover band is a mystery though.
Whenever I start a season of Sons of Anarchy, I start to wonder how I would look on a motorcycle and if ass-less leather chaps are in my near future.  However, leather doesn't flatter my robust figure and I'm pretty sure the first time I attempt to ride my cycle, it will come flying out from under me and set off a chain of events that will lead to a massive car pile up.  So, instead, I will just watch the show about SAMCRO.

It always amazes me that this is the same woman who is the voice of Leela on Futurama.

Here's your bad guy.  The guy who was in Lost when
the show was bad.
After the heart-wrenching ending of Jax having his son kidnapped in the previous season, the Redwood Originals are out to recover the little Able and bring revenge to the Irish bastards who had the gull to take a baby.  Add to the madness, Jacob Hale is out to be mayor, the club gets new Prospects, Lemansky from The Shield joins the cast and is looking to be a Redwood Original, the Sons strike a deal with their hated enemies The Mayans and it seems that Jax may be making his own deal with the ATF.  Needless to say, a lot of shit is going down in Charming and the Sons even jump the pond and head to Ireland to find Able.

Which brings about this great variation of the show's opening credits...

Holy shit!  Stephen King made a cameo this season?!?

This season, Opie tries to cum to grips with his lady
being in the porn industry.  See what I did there?
I went blue for this caption.
What I enjoy most about this series is the fact that it gets better with each season.  Season 2 and they way they ended it with Jax being held back by his brothers as he watched his baby being taken away from him seemed about as great as it gets...until this season ended.  The only words that can describe how it wrapped up is that my jaw dropped and stayed dropped as I processed what I saw in front of me.  It's that type of shock that makes this show what it is.  The very fact that I become invested with these characters--everyone from SAMCRO's President; Clay Morrow, to the white supremacist Ernest Darby, even the masturbation fiend Chucky--are all so well written and acted by a cast of very talented individuals, that the twists and shockers the show hurls at you hit even harder.

Why is Ron Pearlman smiling the smile of a man who just hotboxed his friends with a vicious burrito fart?

Mark Boone Junior...I'm pretty sure he's in almost
every movie made in the last 15 years.
Now, as much as I enjoy the show, I must confess...I have a problem remember a lot of the characters names.  *WHEW*  It feels good to get that off my chest.  Yes, I know the big ones like Katey Sagal as Gemma, Charlie Hunnam as Jax and Ron Pearlman as Clay but most of the other members of the gang I always find myself forgetting their names and I end up describing them when I discuss the show with my friends by giving a description of them. For example, Theo Rossi's character is the Mohawk Guy and Tommy Flanagan is the Irish Guy With the Scar Who Was In Gladiator.  Please, if the writers of Sons of Anarchy are reading this (and I'm pretty sure they'll never do that) don't take my ability to forget the characters name as a critique on your show and its writing.  I'm just bad with names.  Hell, I once dated a girl for a year and couldn't remember her name until she broke up with me.

And then you have Kim Coates...until now, I learned he wasn't a zombie.

So, ass-less chaps may never be in my future but as long as FX keeps SAMCRO riding and the writers keep kicking ass like they do, I plan to keep watching and can't wait till I start up Season 4.

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