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Dexter Season 5

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Dexter Season 5 - 5 out of 5

After the incredible, epic Season 4 of the critically acclaimed Showtime series, Dexter, it's hard to find anything that can follow it up.  The Trinity Killer storyline was incredible, John Lithgow more than earned his Emmy in his role and the final moments of the season finale were both shocking and heartbreaking.  As I started up this season, I did my best to try and not hold this season to the last one because Season 4 was the closest to perfection this series got.  However, like all season about the serial killer trying to be human, this didn't disappoint and continued the level of excellence I've come to expect from the only Showtime program that hasn't disappointed me after it's 2nd season.

"Is that two dogs doing it?"
After the loss of his wife, serial killer Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) is thrown into a spiral as he lost his growing connection to his human side and is now forced to become a father.  It's this spiral that Dex is thrown into that makes this season as addicting as the previous one containing the Trinity Killer.  Much like Dexter has pretended to be a feeling, compassionate human being in the previous seasons, he is forced to once again pretend to be something else and this time it's a loving, nurturing and protective father.  Dexter finds this role as he must take care of Astor, Cody and baby Harrison.  Dex also finds this role as he comes across a rape victim out for vengeance. 

I get that same look in my face when I see a Taco Bell.
Quinn is still out for Dex's blood...and he's banging Deb.
This man is obviously a glutton for punishment.
In an attempt to wake himself from the living coma he entered after losing Rita, Dex goes on the hunt to find a trophy to add to his collection of blood slides.  While fulfilling his desires in the form of plastic wrap and murder, Dex discovers a woman who survived the crimes committed by the man he just laid to waste.  Being the man that he is and the past he has kept hidden, Dex is forced to figure out what to do with this witness and what does he decide to do?  Makes her his apprentice as he discovers that the man he killed had accomplices and there were other victims.  If there's one aspect about Dex that makes him better than your average serial killer is the fact he has morals and ethics.

"Ewww blood!"
Pretending to get a text to ignore Julia Stiles...classic!
The most appealing aspect of this season was seeing Dexter fully take on the father role--both with his kids and being the father figure to his new apprentice, played by Julia Stiles.  This new facade he puts on starts to melt into our serial killer friend and we start to see a real human being with real feelings start to emerge.  Michael C. Hall, who is already amazing as Dex, really pulls out the stops in his treasure chest of talent and Dex becomes eerily real.  What was once a man pretending to be just like everyone else becomes a man who really IS becoming like everyone else.  The nervousness and pride we start to see in Dexter's face is no longer the result of the fact his Dark Passenger may be revealed and the world will see him for what he is and has done but rather his own expression of how events unfolding around him will effect those he cares for and loves.  That's right, you heard me correctly--Dexter begins to truly love people in this season and it makes for great television.

Batista doing his best Zoolander impression.  It's pretty damn good!

Seriously, I want Dexter to kill his own sister
because I can no longer take her bad acting.
Other aspects of the season still remain the same as Dex undergoes these changes.  Masuka is still funny as hell and a real treat in every episode and Jennifer Carpenter is still a terrible actress and makes me want her character; Debra Morgan, Dexter's sister, to be the killer's next victim.  I can only imagine that she's funny or charming in real life because she's not attractive and she has no acting talent.  If she doesn't have those attributes I just mentioned, what exactly did Hall see in her that made him want to marry her?  The only real complaints I had in this season come in the fact that, one of my favorite supporting characters; Batista, was viciously underutilized.  This season, he got married to LaGuerta and the little he was in the show, he didn't do much other than be a jealous husband.  Also disappointing was casting Julia Stiles as Dexter's hopeful apprentice.  Her bland acting didn't really bring much to the role and if it wasn't for Hall carrying the performance in the scenes they shared together, Stiles could have easily brought the season down big time.  However, the show also had one other element in its favor this season to cover up Stiles mediocre acting:  Robocop!!!  That's right, Peter Weller was in this season!

From being a robot cop in Detroit to being a supporting player in a hit series...you've come a long way, Robocop!

Like father, like son?
Since the beginning, the writing on this show has just been phenomenal.  Watching a serial killer try to blend into his surrounds all the while he is both confused and alienated on what exactly it takes to "blend in" has made for great TV and really captured the spirit of the books.  Watching the evolution of Dexter has been amazing and, like all other seasons, the creepy ending to the season finale has cemented that I will continue to Season 6 and beyond.

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