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Breaking Bad Season 3

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Breaking Bad Season 3 - 5 out of 5

Check out Walter's's a Casio.
With built in calculator.  Living large as a meth cook.
I first got into this show when my cousin and I were discussing The Shield.  He noticed I was a fan of the show on Facebook and we were sending emails Back and forth to each other when the series came to an end and it was there he mentioned Breaking Bad.  At the time, I heard the title of the show but was unfamiliar with its premise.  He told me it's about a chemistry teacher with cancer who starts making meth to pay his medical bills and create a nest egg for his family for when he dies.  I was simultaneously sold and shocked by this because my cousin is a very conservative and religious man and the premise to the show did NOT sound like something he would watch.  But a big thanks has to be given to my cousin because he got me addicted (pun not really intended) to a show that is, for the lack of a better word, perfect.

Better call Saul!

These dudes were freaking creepy.  Cool but creepy.
If you saw Season 2, you'll remember it ended with two planes colliding in the skies over Albuquerque--mostly right over the show's lead character's home.  If dealing with this trauma isn't enough for the best meth cooker in the biz; Walter White, his wife Skylar discovers his secret and threatens him with divorce.  So, Walter walks away while his partner Jesse hits rehab and hits depression even harder after his girlfriend died of an overdose in the last season.  But no one who cooks as good as Walter came walk away and the men he's been doing business with are trying to coax him Back to the lab.  Ultimately, Walter and Jesse reunite but things start to get sketchy as two hitmen are out for Walter's head and it seems his usefulness to his business associates may be running out.  All this is going on and Walter STILL has to keep this all hidden from his family and his DEA agent Brother-in-law.

Walter is trying to look into my soul!!!

The high (no pun) level of quality that has been seen in the previous seasons is still here.  Why don't the writers of this show sweep every single awards program because their ability to blend drama, tension and comedy all in the same episode is unlike anything on television.  And then you have Bryan Cranston leading the program as Walter White...watching him in action is absolutely captivating.  Everything about him--from the lines he speaks to his very body language--flows naturally and makes the character real and believable--to the point I forget that this was the same man who was the father in Malcolm in the Middle.

Wanted to see a little more of Walter Jr. this season.

Do you see that?!?  It's a clear calculator!
Really impressive was watching the evolution of Aaron Paul's character, Jesse Pinkman.  I've always had a love/hate relationship with Jesse in the show.  While I understand his role, his "white gansta" attitude annoys me (but that's the point of the character, so it just shows how good Paul is at his job).  However, after losing his girlfriend in the last season, we see an emotionally Broken Pinkman and seeing Paul's performance of this was amazing.  But all this pales in comparison as we get to see a lot of Bob Odenkirk's awesome character of Saul Goodman!  I'm a big fan of Odenkirk and watching him as Goodman really makes an already amazing show, epically amazing.

Seriously, CALL SAUL!!!  NOW!!!

Few shows on TV can make you laugh, cry, cringe or raise your rate rate over the suspense of it all like Breaking Bad can.  You know what Walter is doing is wrong but he's doing it for the right reasons, so you don't want him to get caught.  Instead, you watch in horror as Walter goes deeper and deeper into territory he doesn't belong in...and then the season finale hits and all I could do was whisper a Keanu Reeves quality, "whoa."  Onto Season 4...

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