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Freezer Burn: The Invasion of Laxdale

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Freezer Burn:  The Invasion of Laxdale - 3 out of 5

I'll admit this and I really don't care what you think...I'm a fan of Tom Green.  When I was in high school and he first hit the airwaves here in America on MTV, I became a fan and watched his career grow and watch the controversy spread.  His comedy was unlike anything else in the mainstream and, later, Bam Margera stole Green's formula of causing trouble with his parents and a complete disregard for one's dignity and personal health which helped make him a household name--a horribly douchy name.  However, despite Margera's obvious unoriginality (something Green has been quite humble about) I continued to follow Green's career even after it started to shy away from the spotlight.  I read his book (twice) and have done my very best to track down all the work he's done.  Recently, I started watching the less mainstream films he's starred in and Freezer Burn:  The Invasion of Laxdale is the latest one I've watched.

Hollywood needs to re-embrace Tom Green.  Why did America have to keep Drew Barrymore in that celebrity divorce? Much rather have Green.
Freezer Burn is about a small Canadian town where a one-time hockey great has retired after a career ending injury (played by Green).  After a mysterious crop circle (because there's no such thing as a non-mysterious one in the world of cinema) shows up, the town starts to have an unusual temperature hike while a group of Dutch business men (the lead one played by Crispin Glover) decides to bring in an oil refinery--and that brings jobs.  However, strange occurrences start happening and Green's character (Bill Swanson) starts to uncover the horrible truth that the Dutch businessmen are actually aliens out to heat up our planet and make it a vacation spot for their alien buddies.

Hey, it's Marty McFly's dad.  What's his name?  Willard?
As much as I enjoy Tom Green, I haven't always been a fan of many of the films he's done lately.  And, in case you're wondering, yes, I am a fan of Freddy Got Fingered.  I know it's nearly universally hated but the fact that Tom went out to create a film that offends, is all around bad and people tend to overlook this fact makes me a huge fan of it.  Now, due to the past horrible filmage, like Shred and its sequel Revenge of the Boarding School Dropouts (of course, Tom wasn't the problem in those films), I went into Freezer Burn expecting the usual bottom of the barrel, direct-to-DVD affair that I've seen Tom in for the last few years--hey, everyone has to eat, so I can't blame him for taking some of these films on.  However, I was shocked by how much I enjoyed the film.

It's a well known fact that tin foil stops aliens from reading your minds...and also keeps casseroles from sticking to your pans when cooking.
 Freezer Burn isn't a laugh riot and not an Academy Award nominee film.  It's pretty basic stuff in the filmmaking department.  The special effects (for a small unknown film) are decent and the film is otherwise by-the-books, point-and-shoot, nothing flashy or fancy camera work.  No overly creative editing and the story isn't full of twist and turns like a ball of Christmas lights.  Most of the cast is complete unknowns and some of the jokes in this comedy can fall kinda flat.  However, the film has some charm and definitely has its moments and Tom Green definitely shines.  If you're expecting the Tom Green who sucked on cow's utters and humped a dead moose, you're not going to find it.  What you get is the now toned down Green and, when we get that, we actually get to see he's a pretty decent actor.  Hell, he's better than some big names (*cough*Shia LaBeouf*cough*).  Freezer Burn is far from perfect but with Tom Green leading the way and some decent gags thrown in, there are far worse films you can be spending an hour and forty minutes with.

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