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Bridesmaids - 4 out of 5

I had the same look after watching the movie...read to find out why!

When I first sat down to watch Bridesmaids, I really thought the film would be a total wash. Visions of predictable girl comedies bashed through my skull. I feared that I would have to endure the likes of Lisa Kudrow, playing dress up sequences, women crying over Ben & Jerry's and finally, the scene that somehow slips into nearly every girl comedy, the sequence where they are in a boat and one of them stands up and the boat tips over. Honestly, do groups of girls really boat as much as movies suggest? However, where the film came to a halt, I found something that was shockingly hilarious. And I don't mean hilarious as in "mildly amusing" but hilarious as in I was laughing my rear end off. And not in a literal fashion either--so no worries, my tushy is still completely attached.

Hmm, it seems Tim Heidecker somehow scammed his way into this one.

Just reading the title of the film, you already know what it's about. This one won't surprise you with the story. It's about two best friends and one is getting married. Maya Rudolph plays the friend who's getting married and, like all other projects she's ever been in, doesn't really bring much to the movie but Kristen Wiig plays the friend and I already love Wiig but this film proves that she has leading star quality. Her character enters into a rivalry with a "newer" friend played by Rose Byrne (still thinking that the heroin skinny look is somehow working for her) and the scenes these two share in an attempt to win the attention and affection of Rudolph's character is comedy gold. Then, to make matters even more enjoyable is the entourage of other bridesmaids, each bringing funny to the buffet table that is Bridesmaids. Special mention definitely has to go to Melissa McCarthy who just destroys every scene she is in (nearly taking every single one over with her performance).

McCarthy nearly steals this film!

Then, as I found myself laughing hysterically over the sequences that the film is filled with, I suddenly found one thing that knocked this movie out of the park--the inclusion of Chris O'Dowd. If you don't know who he is, then you must watch the BBC comedy The IT Crowd. Not only is that show amazingly hilarious but O'Dowd's performance is just spectacular and getting to see him take roles in films now is very refreshing. Even if you've never seen O'Dowd before, it's hard not to enjoy him in this film as he becomes the love interest to Kristen Wiig's character. Not only do these two share some very charming and amusing scenes, they show real chemistry for each other--something you don't always get from on-screen couples.

Look at him. How can anyone not love Chris O'Dowd. I'm being serious. How?

If there was a downside to Bridesmaids, it would have to be that it does venture into the familiar territory of girl comedies and hits the "let's cry and talk about how we're always going to be the best of friends" scenes. However, the film kills it on nearly every other second of the film so this logical (and predictable) step it makes in the third act becomes just a small, minor speed bump before some more funny shit goes down. Even though the movie's foundation is a story that you can see coming a mile away, the jokes that are built upon that foundation is anything but. Bridesmaids is a refreshing take (thanks to the writing of Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo and director Paul Feig) on the otherwise cliche girl comedy. Believe it or not, this is a film that a woman can force her boyfriend to watch and he won't be considering suicide as a sensible solution for escape.

Jon Hamm was in this movie, too?!? Things just got sexy--I mean, awesome! I don't have a man crush on Don Draper, I swear.

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