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Conan O'Brien: Can't Stop

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Conan O'Brien: Can't Stop - 5 out of 5

What side where you on when the second late night war broke out? The war that broke out between Conan O'Brien, NBC and Jay Leno. I was firmly behind Team Coco and was thoroughly disgusted with the treatment the true King of Late Night received at the hands of the money hungry peacock and the man who's chin has its own zip code.

Read this comment in a whiny Jay Leno voice: "I have to take a dump."

I'm sure you're all aware that Conan got the big heave-ho from The Tonight Show and the network all together--if you aren't, you probably are barely able to operate a computer and for that, my hat goes off to you for being able to somehow find my blog. As stipulation for this unceremonious departure, Conan was banned from T.V., the internet and radio for an entire 6 months--and in the world of media and our ADHD riddled community all together, 6 months is a lifetime. But, like the title of this DVD, Conan O'Brien can't stop--nah, the man can't be stopped!!! Conan O'Brien: Can't Stop is a documentary that focuses on the 6 months Coco was not allowed on television and followed him on his live show: The Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour.

In this doc, Conan speaks very candidly about NBC and takes many jabs at Leno.

If you declare yourself a member of Team Coco, you need to see this because not only do you get to see the tour from behind the scenes but you get a glimpse of Conan you never got to see as a host on late night T.V. in days gone past and days ahead of us. This doc gives us the real Conan. A frustrated and angry giant tossing out F-bombs over the despicable treatment he received at the hands of the network he gave so much of his career to. We see the overall desire and joy he gets from entertaining the people that made him the celebrity he is and we see the physical and emotional toll it takes on him to do it night in and night out. In short, this documentary is real and really entertaining.

Just two cool dudes hanging out.

Getting to see Coco and his writing team "off camera" (and since this is a documentary and I doubt Conan will let me into his house to watch him do his thing, this is the closest a fan like me can get to "off camera") is a real treat. Not only do we get to see sights of the writing process, we also get to see how Conan, despite all the frustration he's clearly going through while this documentary is being filmed (and he'll say it quite a bit--with a lot of choice curse words dropped in), we see how Conan, like most comedians and funnymen, never turns off. Even when he's upset, downtrodden and close to giving up, he kicks up his energy and creativity into overdrive and keeps going. Getting to see this in the documentary is quite awesome.

Conan and Jim Carrey? That's too much awesome!

I've been a fan of O'Brien for many years now. Since the days he wrote for SNL and The Simpsons to his epic late night programs, I will always be a fan of the guy. So, like Conan, I was greatly troubled and extremely pissed off when Jay "I have the worst monologue in the game" Leno ended up getting back the show that he rightfully turned over. Of course, those days of hurt feelings are over as Conan is back on late night (and kicking Leno's ass in the ratings, I might add) and this documentary gets to fill in the void that was left when Coco wasn't on T.V.

Viva Team Coco!

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