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Cashback - 1 out of 5

Cashback is a little story about--well, actually the film itself becomes a story about me and how, for the first time, Netflix failed in its recommendation it gave me.

His face is a perfect representation of how I felt after watching Cashback.

In reality, Cashback is a film by British director Sean Ellis who adapted his Oscar winning short film into a feature length. The story surrounds an artist who doesn't take his breakup with his girlfriend very well and becomes an insomniac. To make the most of this ill-fortune, our artist friend; Ben (played by Harry Potter alumni Sean Biggerstaff) gets a job at the local supermarket. While whittling away the night hours not only does he fall in love with one of his co-workers, he starts using his imagination to "freeze" time. While time comes to a stop, he proceeds to strip off the clothes of the female patrons and begins to draw their nude forms. As the film progresses and his relationship with his co-worker deepens, he discovers his powers have manifested in reality and basically pulled the "get out of my dreams and into my car" routine.

He went to Hogwarts and majored in Art. Regrets...he's got 'em.

Sounds kinda cool right? Too bad it wasn't.

This movie even made a soccer ball to the face unfunny and boring.

The film is cataloged as a comedy but the jokes all feel phoned in--in fact, the whole film feels phoned in and half-assed--as if the director was trying to capitalize on his honors of winning an Oscar and taking it to the bank by beating a dead horse. While some may enjoy the gratuitous nudity the film delivers--in fact, if I remember correctly, there's an entire 10 minute span of boobs and other naked female parts--others will be bored with the story that moves at a speed that even a snail would call slow and forget trying to find a single character you will enjoy because they're all flat or annoying--some are both.

"Cashback: Come for the boring story, stay for the naughty bits."

The only reason I watched this film is because Netflix has been recommending it to me for over a year now. Occasionally, I take whatever they recommend to me (not always because my queue is already pretty damn full) and each time I've been either been slightly entertained or pleasantly surprised. However, this time, Netflix has failed me. I stuck by them when they raised their prices and I am supporting them when they split the company in two but this insult--wait, I don't want to get hasty. I won't leave Netflix because I got a bad movie from them--even if it is something they thought I would enjoy. If I decided to leave Netflix because I received a shit film from them, I would have left them when Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen came out.

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