Friday, September 30, 2011

Shadows & Lies

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Shadows & Lies - 1 out of 5

Shadows & Lies is about...well, I think it's about trying to cure insomnia because if you suffer from it, this movie will easily give you the eight hours of sleepy time you so desperately crave. This movie is boring. In fact, I think I may have to capitalize it for emphasis. This movie is BORING.

Even James Franco seems bored by this film...and he's in it!

The film is about a man (played by James Franco) who returns to New York after being in exile in order to save the woman he loves. This would be a great story if the film actually decided to do something with it. Instead the director felt boring, static shots of people either mumbling out their dialogue or not speaking entirely would somehow convince the audience that something is going on. I can only hope that Franco, a man who's proven his talent beyond the time he was acting circles around Tobey Maguire in all three Spider-Man films, owed someone a favor for being in this substantial waste of time--that is unless you are a fan of watching Franco walk and eat because that is literally 75% of the movie. Then another 20% is long pauses and silence and the final 5% is the movie trying to work in some plot and story.

The film's stars are also perplexed by this film's existence.

So, unless you feel the need to see Franco walk down some poorly lit sidewalk or enjoy a burger at some random restaurant in a movie that makes student films look polished and high budget, there really is no reason to watch this movie.

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  1. lol, thanks for this. A definite thumbs down. Not even interested in watching this "train crash".


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