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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 6

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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 6 - 5 out of 5

Hitting their sixth season, the gang from Philly seems to have resurrected themselves from the slump they seemed to be showing in Season 5. Personally, I still enjoyed that season but if you were to listen to the commentators on the internet, you would think the show went the way of Lost. But when a show enters into these years, it's hard to keep a epic level going, but in my opinion, Sunny keeps doing it.

"We're lawyers." That line is from this episode. To understand how this line fits with this scene, please watchit. I'll take my check for this endorsement now.

The show is a little difficult to review because you either love It's Always Sunny or you dislike it. Some might argue that one wouldn't like it because they don't get it but that's not the truth. The show isn't a string of wit and wordplay but instead, the only word I can describe this show is alcohol-fueled insanity. The show is about a group of 5 people who own a bar in Philadelphia who get into trouble in their everyday lives. It isn't about getting it or not. If you don't like it, it's because the humor doesn't speak to you, simple as that. Some people like fruit on the bottom yogurt and some like plain. And some people eat yogurt on the go with gogurts and those people are insane.

Mac and Charlie: White Trash. Yeah, that's the actual title of this episode.

While not as offensive as the days when Sweet Dee and Dennis were trying to get addicted to
crack in order to live on welfare, the show seems to have taken a more ridiculous turn and decided to be a little more fantastic as it takes on stories about Dee getting pregnant, Dennis getting married and almost immediately getting divorce (which works in with Charlie and Frank deciding to have a gay marriage), and the gang decides to buy a boat. While these stories may not have the shock value of some of their earlier episodes that focused on such things as Charlie being molested by his Uncle or the gang finding a dumpster baby, they are still hilarious. But don't worry your pretty little heart because some of the shock is still there--like when Charlie and Dennis meet a truck driver who is very, VERY interested in getting into a three way with the guys.

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If I were forced at gunpoint to find fault in this season, it would be that on some occasions episodes would contain B-stories to add emphasis to or pad out the main story that either felt too weak, never really receiving an appropriate amount of attention or full closure. For example, Charlie becomes a janitor at the local high school and meets a Juggalo (for those who are fortunate enough to not know what a Juggalo is, they are the very misogynistic, and more than a few of them, very crazed fans of the immensely untalented rap duo; the Insane Clown Posse). Having this dynamic promised hilarity as it opened up ICP to tons of deprecating jokes on the psychopathic clowns but nothing really came of it. The storyline just kind of putted out of existence--something I've hoped for with the Insane Clown Posse's career for years.

Here's the sad thing: Charlie, in all his lack of understanding and wisdom, is still problem smarter than ICP and knows that fucking magnets don't work through miracles.

Furthermore, if the gunman who, for some unknown reason, decided I had to come up with another fault, it would be the fact that there were some great cameos from some fantastic actors who didn't get enough screen time. Like Celebrity Rehab alumni Tom Sizemore playing the role of a perverted trucker or one of the kids in the hall himself; Dave Foley, playing a school principal. Each of these men did absolutely great in their respective roles and were very, VERY funny but their time in each episode was too short.

Frank as Spider-Man would probably make a far superior Spider-Man 3.

So, I'm sorry Mr. Mysterious Gunman-who's-motives-for-holding-a-gun-to-my-head-are-unknown-and-you're-making-me-come-up-with-faults-for-this-show-for-some-reason, those are the only real complaints I found. But that's me...please don't shoot me.

There's no reason to include this picture other than the fact Dennis is dressed as Luigi.

At its heart, all the show's fundamentals are here. Charlie is still dirty and possibly mentally retarded, Mac's overconfidence outweigh his actual ability, Dee is still bird-like in her appearance, Dennis is still a man-whore and Frank is...well, Frank. In the end, the show is still very funny and entertaining (if you enjoy it) and while this season may not have been as shocking as the season of old, it's still really awesome. In fact, the episode that contains the gang making Lethal Weapon 5 is enough to warrant watching this season!

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