Saturday, August 6, 2011

Single White Spenny Season 1

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Single White Spenny Season 1 - 3 out of 5

Even though Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice didn't go into a 7th season of Kenny vs. Spenny, I am 100% convinced the show is continuing on in the real world. Their challenge: See which one can create the better show. Kenny's got his new show on Action called Kenny Hotz's Triumph of the Will (look for my review of that one soon) and Spenny's got Single White Spenny on Showcase. And after only sitting through the first round, I am going to give this contest to Kenny. Prepare for your humiliation Spenny.

The story of this show revolves around a fictionalized/sensationlized real life adventures of Spencer "Spenny" Rice. The show takes place after his divorce (something that really happened to him) and follows him as he tries to find love in his life. What the show delivers is exactly what you would expect from the neurotic one if you've watched even a single episode of KvS. There isn't a single joke that will make you laugh. There isn't a single actor who is passable--even Spenny, playing himself, is completely incapable of delivering a line and there isn't a single character that is enjoyable to watch. In fact, most of them are completely lifeless stand ins of one-dimensional characters you would expect in a by-the-numbers sitcom that only Spenny would think is one-of-a-kind. You have Spenny's mother who is an emotionally abusive drunk. You have Spenny's best friend who is the intellectual of the show but is belittling and downright mean to the individual she calls her "best friend." Finally, you have Spenny's wacky neighbor who comes in the form of a guy who, at first, you would believe to be the "fat comic relief" but actually comes off as a blank sheet of paper who takes on traits of various cliche characters--depending, of course, on what is needed for that episode.

The show overall feels like Spenny bought a book or went to a over-priced emposium that told him how a sitcom is suppose to work because each episode hits marks that only an idiot trying to scam an audience would say are marks a writer is suppose to hit. It is this completely unfunny and almost tragic dish served onto the television that convinces me completely that Kenny and Spenny were able to convince the higher ups in the ivory towers of the Canadian broadcasting castle to even allow this show to be put on the air in order to see who the viewers like more.

At this point, you are probably wondering why I gave the show a middle-of-the-road rating since it sounds like I hate it so much. And you're right, I do hate it...but I love to hate it. Believe it or not, I'm a fan of Spenny. Not the guy by himself but with his pairing with his best friend Kenny. Spenny provided me with hours and hours of laughs on KvS and continues to make me laugh when I re-watch the show. However, the trainwreck that is this show is also entertaining on a level that Spenny may or may not have intended (depending on if this sitcom was a legit try at a career beyond Kenny or not). The poor writing and the lack of even a semblance of a joke becomes funny itself. I found myself laughing at all the wrong points in this show and it just reminds me of how nuts he was every week he and his roommate did f'ed up activities to prove who is the better competitor. Even though I haven't watch Kenny's new show and can truly claim Kenny won this latest challenge, I still have to say it, I think Spenny is getting the humilation for this.


  1. I saw your review and thought it was worth a try. I switched it off after 5 minutes, I think comparing it to Trial of the Will is unfair because that is genius while this I cannot compare to anything as it's so bad. It's like he's trying to do what Seinfeld, Larry David and Gary Shandling do with their sitcoms but he isn't funny and he's a bad actor. Painful to watch, shame I can't convert that pain into laughter!

  2. I compared to to TOTW only in the respect that I truly believe that they are doing a real-life challenge to see who can make the better show. I also completely agree with you that SWS is hard to watch. But I watched this with the same morbid curiosity that a person watches a car wreck. You don't want to see it and you don't enjoy looking at it but you can't look away because a part of you wants to see how bad it can get.


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