Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pure Luck

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Pure Luck - 3 out of 5

Martin Short is the type of actor/physical comedian who you either enjoy or don't and sometimes, for those who enjoy him, he can only be entertaining in small doses...but that is usually the case with physical comedians who's actions seem to be fueled by a direct shot of adrenaline. I, myself, enjoy Martin Short in some of his appearances...others, not so much.

Not Funny Martin Short

Very Funny Martin Short

Back in 1991, a little comedy called Pure Luck hit the scenes and it saw Martin Short and Danny Glover team together to track down the bad luck enriched daughter of a wealthy businessman. The
catch? Martin Short's character suffers from the same bad luck. What follows is a pretty tame, family friendly comedy that showcases that even in 1991 Glover was still too old for this shit and Short can sometimes come off as trying too hard. I'm not saying I hated this movie--I won't because this DVD is nearly impossible to find and I had to go to a lot of work just to revisit this one. There are times when this movie comes off genuinely funny but never to the point I was busting a gut or even doing one of the "LOL" things the kids are so fond of doing. Pure Luck is one of those rare comedies that the entire family, even the .5 child in the 3.5 kids, can enjoy. Nothing too raunchy or risky, just some mildly amusing jokes that involve Short falling down.

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