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Limitless - 4 out of 5

So, the movie is about a drug that turns your brain power up to 11? The user has all synapses firing at full capacity all the time and one can use this increase in brain power to manipulate the system and get virtually anything and everything they want? Sign me up! However, it wouldn't be a movie is there wasn't a conflict that came with this drug.

Some fans of Firefly still can't handle the show was canceled.

Bradley Cooper of The Hangover wants a new drug and finds it in the form of NZT-48. He ends up going from a lazy, possibly dirty, writer with no real prospects--both career and relationship-wise--to something more. His girlfriend leaves him and he has a deadline he's clearly not going to make with his upcoming novel. However, a chance encounter with a man from his past hooks him up with the new miracle drug and he turns himself into a money-making, lady-laying machine. He rubs elbows with a powerful and extremely rich businessman (Robert De Niro) and also pisses off some already ornery Russians who want the drug. Cooper's character quickly finds himself in an orgy of money, drugs, more money, women, some more money, dudes out to kill him and finally, an additional sum of money. And all of this spells an awesome movie!

"Yes, I am Bradley Cooper and I'm more attractive than you'll ever be."

When I first sat down to watch this one, in the back of my mind I was wondering how exactly the film would be able to portray a person who's mind suddenly hits the nitrous and goes into overdrive but the use of clever scene composition and interesting use of special effects quickly punches the viewer in the face and you realize, "Holy shit, this man's mind now knows no bounds." Sequences after taking the drug will show Cooper along with another Cooper and sometimes a third Cooper in a single room all doing the activities needed to turn him from the cliche zero to Wall Street's version of a hero. This representation I found, along with a soundtrack that consisted heavily of The Black Keys, successfully created a visual representation of a mind on the verge of bursting out of a skull to take on the world by itself.

These creative visuals, killer soundtrack and tight editing are combined perfectly with the cast. Cooper does an amazing job and makes the character who's literally going from rags to riches and bitches believable. Originally, Shia LaBeouf was going to play this character and I 100% believe the movie would have been nearly 90% less of the greatness that Cooper brought to the role. The-one-time-nobody character of Eddie would have become the same stuttering douche bag that LaBeouf has somehow made a career of. But thankfully, LaDouche hurt his hand in a car accident and couldn't take the role. I'm an atheist but this occurrence truly makes me wonder if there isn't an invisible wizard in the sky guiding the world's actions...or at least making sure that once an awhile a terrible actor doesn't ruin a good movie.

"Where's your restroom?"

A great cast, killer story and all around awesome technical work, Limitless is nearly a perfect movie. Now, I'm going to stop this review, find me that drug and maybe use it to figure out a way where I can use this blog, my love of video games and my inability to get laid and turn it into something epic like Cooper in this one!

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