Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kenny Hotz's Triumph of the Will Season 1

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Kenny Hotz's Triumph of the Will Season 1 - 5 out of 5

As I stated in my review of Spenny's new show Single White Spenny, I believe that he and his partner from Kenny vs. Spenny have pulled a Kaufman-like maneuver and took their routine of competition into a new arena. Their new competition? Who can create the better TV show? And clearly, and not surprisingly, Kenny wins!

The opening for the first episode...a naked Kenny in the desert.

Unlike Spenny's show, Kenny doesn't go the stage sitcom route. Instead, he puts himself in the real world and issues his own personal challenges for him to overcome--basically, he's competing against the only person who can actually pose a challenge; himself. After six seasons of Kenny vs. Spenny, it was clear Spencer Rice was no real competitor to him so, Mr. Kenneth Hotz had to take himself on and see if he can, well, triumph over his own personal will. Triumph in such cases as going from having nothing to something in Las Vegas, find love for his mother and, in one case, see if he could be a cannibal. I'm not kidding with that last one.

Yes, he really tried to be a cannibal for an episode. And yes, that's a tooth.

The Kenny we all came to know and love is here (not a poorly acted character of himself like Spenny did in Single White Spenny), albeit slightly toned down and more real than his over-the-top self in KvS. However, that doesn't mean he isn't as offensive and as hilarious as he's been. In fact, the show feels like an evolution--like Kenny has leveled up in the Role Playing Game of life and came out a slightly newer and slightly better dude! Even the camera work and editing (done by most of Kenny's old crew from KvS) seems to have been upgraded with the XP they got on their previous 6 years of work. High def cameras and an editing style that can only be compared to an independent film really creates a new style that I was digging through all six episodes.

Is Kenny auditioning for a Werner Herzog or Harmony Korine film?

Watching Kenny travel the world in an effort to prove that he can overcome his greatest threat--himself--was just addicting and actually offered real laughs. Kenny's antics were hilarious and entertaining and I wasn't watching this show with the same morbid curiosity and perversity I held onto while watching the butthole puckering Single White Spenny. I didn't watch Triumph of the Will just to see an actor crash and burn because he couldn't write or act, I watched it because Kenny is truly an artist. And I don't mean an artist like Lady Gaga. Kenny Hotz isn't ripping off the comedian's equivalent of Madonna or producing hits that contain the same beat with different lyrics inserted--no, he produced something new that contains just enough reminiscence of actions past where you are filled with a sense of nostalgia but are excited to see what new adventures he's going to go on in an effort to best himself. This show was so good that if, and I think it's a big IF, the show wasn't a challenge amongst himself and Spenny, I want to see this show make a long run in the world of television.


  1. great review and funny blog!!!
    loved to read it!
    what are the odds for a second season?
    any information about it?

    greets from germany

  2. Thank you, sir! I haven't heard if a second season is coming out but I sure hope Kenny graces us with a second.

  3. wow - quick answer!
    it would be a shame if there isnt any second season.
    i watched the first 6 episodes way too fast.
    hope mr. hotz is feedin us with some facebook - or something like that - information.


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