Thursday, August 25, 2011

Eureka Season 4.0

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Eureka Season 4.0 - 5 out of 5

In 2006, the terrific little cable network called SciFi put on-air a witty little television show about a top secret city where the smartest of the smartest of the smarts live to dream and invent the next best thing. Well, like any city, things can go wrong and law and order needs to be in place and keeping that peace is your average Joe officer by the name of Jack Carter. Sadly, something went wrong. It wasn't the show because throughout its run, it's kept up its level of quality when it comes to great acting, awesome characters and fantastic stories. The problem arrived in the form of the networking losing all control and it started with renaming itself to "SyFy."

"I'm very disappointed. Honestly, why call yourself SyFy now?"

Since the network that gave us the immensely epic Battlestar Galactica reboot and gave a home to Mystery Science Theater 3000 after Comedy Central gave it the old heave-ho decided to alter its moniker to something that would be described by something lame as uber-lame, the network and all it has delivered has seemed to go downhill. One bad decision after another and SyFy has decided to cancel one of the only good things the network has going for it. Instead of original content that focuses on story, humor and great science fiction, they decided that wrestling and cheesy ghost hunting shows were the next evolution for the network. The only next step for this cable station is to destroy itself because it has already shot itself in the foot, fallen down a canyon and accidentally cut off the wrong leg after a boulder pinned them to the ground.

"Come on, Jo. Just do the Family Guy Cool Whip joke with me."

My rant aside, this first half of the fourth season of Eureka is incredible. All the fun with just enough drama to keep it going is still here and mixed perfectly with the great characters and actors. The season starts with a bang as it's Founders Day in the town and several of the main characters are sent rocking back in time to the city's installation. After returning, they are shocked to discover that the timeline has changed and not only are they forced to deal with the new world that is turned upside down for them, they are forced to deal with a straggler who scammed his way from the past. Battlestar Galactica's James Callis arrives to play this man and his addiction to the season is enough to make the beginning of season 4 addicting.

A guy in a fedora is always trustful. Remember that, kids, when hitchhiking.

Familiar characters and relationship change and evolve as the new timeline creates a fresh look for the show that was in no real danger of getting stale. Add to the fact the show also including some great special guest appearances by Wh-il Wheaton and Jamie Kennedy and you have yourself something awesome. This season also offered up a crossover with one of SyFy's other programs, Warehouse 13. Hell, I didn't think shows did crossovers anymore. This beginning to this season was just as good as the last season that it only enrages me more that the show will end after its fifth year run. Perhaps if the show went the way of Lost, such a move would have made sense but the fact that a network that no longer seems to be making the right changes ends a solid show like Eureka makes me believe its the network that needs cancellation...not the show. Maybe Eureka should start looking for greener pastures on a network that appreciates it. Maybe FX.

"Is that pee?"

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