Monday, August 22, 2011

The Conspirator

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The Conspirator - 4 out of 5

I'm not a history buff. I find the events of days behind us to be interesting but I wouldn't say I spend most of my time watching the History channel...unless there is a marathon of Pawn Stars on. However, I do enjoy when events from our past are made into films and it seems The American Film Company does too. The Conspirator is the first film to be released by this production company that is out to make the most historically accurate films to be made.

Their first project surrounds the trial and execution of Mary Surratt, the only woman in the assassination plot of Abraham Lincoln and the first woman to be put to death by the United States of America. Directed by Robert Redford, the film has the great potential to become a history lesson that could put weaker minds to sleep in high school. However, Redford's vision along with a tremendous cast that really creates an overwhelming amount of emotion makes for a very compelling story.

Who would want to assassinate this most excellent dude? Most heinous.

Courtroom drams can be awesome and a lot of historical period piece movies are very entertaining too and this one combined the two in a magnificent way. The man who would take Patrick Stewart's place as Professor X; James McAvoy, stars as Frederick Aiken, the unlucky man who is forced to uphold the ideals of the constitution and give the conspirator Surratt (played by Forrest Gump's own Jen-nay; Robin Wright) a fair trial. This, of course, is nearly impossible when it comes to matters that pertain to patriotism and justice takes a backseat to revenge as the odds are stacked against Aiken as he deals with nearly overpowering corruption in the case. McAvoy is surrounded by a powerhouse of a cast that includes Kevin Kline, Tom Wilkinson, Danny Houston and the man who seemingly can do anything in the world of Hollywood; Stephen Root.

"Just go straight for two blocks. There you will find Starbucks. While there, get me another coffee."

Now, I'm not a historian and I have yet to master the science in order to time travel but half the film's appeal is the seemingly dead-on representation of the time period. Everything looks like it should and with the actors delivering like a boss, it's easy to lose yourself in the film and the characters and think you're watching something that was actually recorded in 1865. Of course, if you started to think that the movie is an actual recording, check yourself in because you've lost all touch with reality.

"Yes, my X-men movie made you forget all about the horrors that were X3 and Wolverine."

The movie may come off as a history lesson but it's an interesting one to learn. Combine this very enthralling story with a look and feel that appears very real and acting that can't be beat, The Conspirator is an amazing film that makes me very excited to see what other major events in our country's past The American Film Company will spearhead!

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