Friday, July 1, 2011

Too Big to Fail

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Too Big to Fail - 4 out of 5

HBO kinda/sort of re-enacts the shit the banks and government put us through and ultimately brought us into a recession due to greed. The only problem is that a lot of what is represented is fiction and not fact. You want the real story of the shit that happened to this country? Then watch the documentary
Inside Job and see how the banks and the government dating all the way back to Reagan fucked over the economy bad (sorry members of the Fox Nation, I know you want to blame the black president because of your deep seeded racism but this crap was started long before Obama). This HBO film shows the events that the documentary showcased through more of a dramatic light--basically it creates a decent movie out of real life events by taking some liberties. The best example is the fact the movie makes Henry Paulson look like a hero out to save the day when, in reality, he was one of the people who started this mess and was actually trying to sweep it under the rug and wipe away any fingerprints he left behind. That aside, the movie is very interesting and filled with great actors giving tremendous performances. There is actually too many great actors to name and give justice to: James Woods, Paul Giamatti, Billy Crudup, Tony Shalhoub--just to name a few. But two actors really stood out to me and that was William Hurt as the falsely identified superhero; Henry Paulson and Ed Asner as Warren Buffett. In fact, Ed was so great as the mega-millionaire that I wanted to see more scenes with him in it--even if it was just Buffett eating breakfast--Ed was just that good in this very small role.

Too Big to Fail is another in a long list of great HBO-produced movies and while it takes some liberties, it's still worth a watch--especially for the stellar cast all acting their collective asses off. However, if you want facts, figures and numbers about how we got fucked over by the banks, watch Inside Job.

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