Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Company Men

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The Company Men - 3 out of 5

During a time where job losses are more common than hearing a Black Eyed Pea song on a commercial (seriously, is there anyone they won't sell their horrible pop songs to?), it's no surprise that a movie like The Company Men came out. The film centers around three white collar employees of a large corporation who lose their jobs and are forced to scramble to make a living in the trouble job market. Each men take the change in different ways--one (played by Ben Affleck) believes he will get a new job in no time but ultimately must come to the realization that he may have to settle for a blue collar position to make ends meet, another (Chris Cooper) spirals into depression as his age hinders his opportunities in a market that's only getting younger and the last (Tommy Lee Jones) is barely effected as his high standing and self-worth lets him go into early retirement.

Even if you don't work for a white collar job, anyone who's lost everything when being laid off can relate to what's going on--especially the characters played by Affleck and Cooper. And it's in that relation that makes this a decent movie. However, great acting by not only by the main three but Maria Bello and Craig T. Nelson really makes for a decent drama with a decent story that at no point gets boring or drags--despite the fact there is plenty of opportunities for a movie like this to do so. There was only one thing that mystified me about The Company Men, though...why was Kevin Costner in this? His role wasn't very large and he had very little screen time. It probably would have been cheaper for the production to hire a great character actor than the man who drank his own piss in Waterworld. But, then again, it's been a long time since Costner has done a good movie so I guess I can give him a pass.

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