Friday, July 8, 2011

Capturing the Friedmans

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Capturing the Friedmans - 5 out of 5

This documentary is about a family in the 1980's (the Friedmans) that were ripped apart by a scandal that the father and one of the three sons were engaging in acts of sexual activities with minors and had, in their possession, articles of child pornography. I know the majority of my reviews have a lighter tone and I crack a lot of jokes but the subject material contained in this amazingly put together piece of work is something I can't come up with a joke for...except Gary Glitter feels their pain! (BAM!! There's my only joke.) In all seriousness, this doc is extremely well made and does a fantastic job of showcasing the story from both sides and is perfectly capable of creating discussion about whether or not the charges that were placed actually happened. Short and sweet: Capturing the Friedmans is intensely interesting, informative, engaging and all around well made.

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