Friday, July 22, 2011

Black Death

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Black Death - 4 out of 5

Sorry Emo folks, this isn't the latest whiny, out of tune, cookie-cutter band in skinny jeans, guy liner and a stupid hair. For crying out loud, this is a blog about movies, why the hell would you think it's about the latest and shittiest band to hit the scene. Also, an Emo band named Black Death doesn't even exist. Instead, Black Death is a historical film taking place when the bubonic plague is raging across the land in Merry 'ole England and a young monk, madly engrossed in sinful and potentially vow destroying love with a young woman seeking refuge from the mayhem, seeks a sign from God on the whole "Heart or Faith" issue. He believe the sign comes in the form of a group of soldiers who require a guide to a nearby village--and it also happens to be close to where the monk's love said she would meet him. So, naturally, he takes this as the sign that he requested and leads the group towards the village and discovers that they are out to destroy a necromancer who they believe have created the plague as their village seems un-infected by the disease.

Sadly, this movie didn't make it into the theaters here in the states and that is a crying shame because this movie was cool! Since I haven't been able to master the Flux Capacitor, I've never been able to travel through time and see this era myself but what was put on the screen could possible be the closest I would imagine it to be. There's no pretty boy actors with perfectly white teeth in pristine and clean armor--NO--in their place, we get gritty bad-asses
who always look on the verge of slamming down mug of mead before rogering their way into whatever unfortunate maiden who makes the mistake of getting too close while tearing their way through a chicken leg that looks like it could feed a family for a week. And to make things even better...Sean Bean is the lead warrior on this group to stop the necromancer they believe is causing the strife and turmoil in the kingdom as well as possibly bring the dead back to life.

Simple, gritty and dark is what makes Black Death such an enjoyable movie. While the actors supporting Bean in his portrayal of the Knight Ulric may be unknown to me, they all did their job fantastically and I never found myself saying, "Well, this movie could be good if he wasn't in it." The only thing that really kept this movie from being a perfect 5 out of 5 in my book is the fact there isn't much replay value to the movie. While it was very cool, I can't see myself pulling it off my shelf again in the near future...that is not to say I won't watch it again, just maybe in a couple of months or so.

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