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The Adjustment Bureau

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The Adjustment Bureau - 3 out of 5

There are those out there that believe that our fates--everything from the toothpaste we choose to the toilet paper we buy (and I'm sure other choices that go beyond the bathroom)--are decided and control by some unseen force. Some say it's god, some same it's a race of aliens and others say it could possible some sort of pile of spaghetti that has the ability to fly. Others, like myself, say all this is bullshit but it sure would make for an interesting story. And that's what we get with The Adjustment Bureau.

Matt Damon stars as a young senator who comes across a young lady and promptly falls head over heels in love with her. Then, by
chance, he discovers that there is a shadowy organization out to keep them apart because it was declared that these two being together wasn't part of "the plan." Well, as any guy will tell you, no man will let anything get in their way when there's a pair of legs they want to get in-between. Not a boyfriend or husband, not a restraining order and not even mystical beings who seem to control all actions. So, Damon decides to go against the plan and get the girl only to discover that the Bureau is larger than he anticipated.

Now, I know I only gave the film a 3 out of 5 but the movie was pretty interesting. The story is pretty damn original and the film was treated in such a way that you can interpret the Bureau as pretty much any supernatural source you can think of. However, the movie tends to drag and doesn't go into enough depth with what the Bureau is or capable of. I'm not saying that I wanted them to come out and say whether or not the Bureau was God, I'm just saying there was so many much more they could have done with them and the power they hold over humanity. With that being said, the treatment the film DID give the Bureau ended up creating one of the film's most interesting aspects.

You can tell by the way we walk that we are ladies men...

As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, the filmmakers allowed you, the viewer, to decide who t
he Bureau was. The argument could easily be made that the individual that's called The Chairman is God and all the agents of the Bureau are the angels. One, played terrifically by Terence Stamp, is nicknamed "The Hammer" because either he's good with the ladies or a real bad-ass but one could argue he is the best of the angels and is, effectively, the hammer of God. The agents also seem to possess super-human abilities that seem to give them control over the world around them--HOWEVER, one could argue that Bureau could be a alien race out to guide us along our journey as a species. Despite the fact they appear human, the agents constantly make references to "you humans" and they apparent manipulation of the world around them could have to do with pre-cognition (John Slattery's character comments to Matt Damon when he raised a tile in the floor to make him trip, "You didn't think I'd see that one coming") or maybe even telekinesis. The point I'm making it would be easy to just say, "Oh, they're angels and it's all about God" but the filmmakers provide enough doubt and other evidence to come up with other possibilities and that, my friends, I found particularly interesting.

Kneel before the Hammer.

The Adjustment Bureau was filled with potential that never quite gets pulled off. That's not to say it's a bad film, quite the contrary. The movie is definitely entertaining but it just never lives up to the promise that the film COULD be.

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