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Testees Season 1

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Testees Season 1 - 5 out of 5

As I stated in my last post, the review of the documentary Pitch, I'm a big fan of Kenny vs. Spenny. Recently, while surfing IMDb to see what Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice are up to now that KvS came to a close after its Christmas Special that aired last year, I discovered that Kenny Hotz created a show with Derek Harvie (from The Tom Green Show) that aired on FX in 2008 called Testees. Immediately, I found out the show (which sadly only ran one season) is out on DVD and put it at the top of my Netflix queue and then I punched myself in the face because I'm a fan of Kenny Hotz and I love the FX network and the fact that I didn't know this show existed forced me to physically assault myself.

The show was about two roommates and best friends named Ron and Peter who work at a testing facility called Testico where they act as human lab rats. Each episode focuses on a single drug and the effects it has on them, often ending up in some craziness--which of course should be expected because if your comedy show doesn't end in some wackiness, you probably have one of CBS's comedies. After sitting through all 13 episodes (and all the webisodes that came along with the DVDs) I am sad this show didn't go on for another season because the show was just hilarious. Sure the show is offensive and often at times childish with its potty humor but there in lies the show's charm. The fart jokes aren't cheap like an American Pie direct-to-DVD release but in the unique field that KvS fans will be familiar with thanks to the shows creator/writer/co-star Kenny Hotz.

Steve Markle and Jeff Kassel are terrifically funny as the two lab rats and quest appearances by Kenny Hotz as the overly arrogant fellow testee named Larry is the icing on the cake on these wild episodes which has the guys testing things like truth serums, paranoia gas, lady-attracting pheromones, and a wickedly smart vacuum cleaner. These episodes even offer great satires and parodies of movies like No Country for Old Men, every freaking "found footage" movie ever made like Diary of the Dead, Quarantine, and The Blair Witch Project as well as a terrific parody of 2001: A Space Odyssey. The only real complaint I have about the show is the character of Nugget, played by Joe Pingue. The character is basically an overweight, lazy con artist who refuses to work and has ridiculously high standards for women--ignoring the fact he's a dirt, ugly fat man. The character itself has some mildly amusing moments as he actively engages in cliche get rich quick schemes but the real problem I guess I have with the character of Nugget is the actor playing him just can't make any of his moments funny. Because of Pingue's inability to hit his funny marks, every time Nugget is in an episode, he tends to stop and nearly destroy all momentum the episode is making. Thankfully his role (as well as the role of another supporting player in the show named Kate) is greatly downsized and the focus becomes nearly solely on Ron and Peter and the drugs they are taking. However, due to the fact that the show was not renewed for any more season indicates that the damage the character Nugget did to the series was too great to recover from. Yeah, I'm putting the entire blame on the show's cancellation on this one character. But Nuggest aside, this show's wonderfully tasteless and offensive humor, it's unique and different premise than 90% of other television comedies and great actors carrying wild stories definitely make Testees a great show.

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