Thursday, June 2, 2011

South Park Season 14

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South Park Season 14 - 5 out of 5

WOW! Is it really going on 15 years that South Park has been on the air? And even more amazing then their time on Comedy Central is the fact that they have consistently presented a product that is not only funny but insightful and intelligent (despite that many people who never have seen the show believe it to be nothing but potty humor). And this season was no different...except for the fact that creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker have stepped on the wrong toes as they pissed off Muslim extremists with their episode that had the prophet Mohammad involved in the storyline (a barely there presence, if you ask me and nothing offensive going on either) so upset were they it got to the point that threats of their ultimate demise were made. I'm not going to get on a soapbox and point out that it's actions like this that keep me an atheist and under the belief that organized religion is actually a larger danger to society than an aid but a reaction like this to a FUCKING CARTOON only goes to prove my stance on the issue of religion.

Now the actions of a few crazy people aside, this season was great as it brought memorable episodes that belong in the metaphoric Hall of Great South Park Episodes like their 200 episode (the episode that sparked the flame of hate from Muslim extremists), as well as episodes about Facebook, Nascar, medicinal marijuana and even an amazing parody of Inception. With all the extras that Matt and Trey put on their plate with side projects, the quality that continues to show on South Park is an embodiment to their amazing talent and there's really nothing else I can say about these guys that won't sound like I'm kissing their ass more than I already sound.

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