Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Slumber Party Massacre III

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The Slumber Party Massacre III - 2 out of 5

Another slumber party, another killer who likes to use a drill as a weapon.

The first two films were connected by a reoccurring character but this film has no connection to two with the previous ones. However, the story isn't that much different. A bunch of girls have a sleep over and some horny boys want in...the only problem is that one of the boys is a stranger to them. Pretty soon, the boys and girls find they're getting picked off one by one.

All the things you would expect from a teen slasher film is here...characters who lack common sense and can't make a single semblance of intelligent decision making in stressful situations (and a killer chasing you through a house is pretty damn stressful), pointless nudity, bad acting and predictable story. But like most B-movies I've been watching lately, The Slumber Party Massacre III is absolutely hilarious. Especially when the "massacre" portion of the film starts and the killer reveals himself and decides to have a murder buffet and go after them all at once. Why is this funny? Because of the forced way the filmmakers try to get around the major plot hole that is the idea that the characters could easily barricade themselves in a bedroom or could easily escape through one of the many entrances into the home.

However, one thing really struck me in this movie and that was how early they revealed the identity of the killer. His motives remain a mystery until the end of the film but the identity is revealed shockingly quickly. Characters like Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers and our hockey mask, machete-loving boy from Camp Crystal Lake; Jason, are never really kept a mystery in their films but their particular sub-genre in the slasher world is the exception to the rule. The only thing that was left to solve in those movies is the "why." Why is Freddy killing kids in their dreams? Why is Michael Myers out to kill his sister? Why does Jason hate camp counselors making with the sex so much that he has to put a blade in their faces? However, other slasher films have the "who done it" element to it and it isn't until the final moments of the film that we get to see who the killer was. Movies like Scream rewarded us at the end and kept the mystery going quite well and movies like Sleepaway Camp made us vomit in our collective mouths with the "what the fuck?!?" ending it had. That's why I was so shocked to find out how early this film revealed who the killer was.

Unlike the other "massacre" movies, this movie actually has something that represents a "massacre." As I've stated in my reviews of the other films in this franchise, as well as the films in the Sorority House Massacre franchise, the word "massacre" feels needlessly tacked on as the body counts were pretty low and no one is really killed in any riotous fashion. The deaths in this film aren't really that wild or bloody but there is quite a few killings and the full out assault during the end almost justifies the use of "massacre." Combine that with a story and acting that is easy to make fun of and you have yourself a movie that can be quite enjoyable.

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