Thursday, June 9, 2011

Secret Origins: The Story of DC

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Secret Origins: The Story of DC - 5 out of 5

Whether you want to admit it or not, comic books are a glorious infusion of art and literature and DC is the company that transformed the business. Not only did this company give us some of the greatest heroes the world has ever scene, they are and continue to be the company that sets the standard for quality. Every time the industry started to hit a low point, it was DC that reinvented the game. Now don't get me wrong, I like Marvel too but DC sets the standards of excellence (remember that Marvel. Your Marvel Zombies sucked. DC and Green Lantern did zombies better.)

I'll be honest, I'm a bigger fan of DC (if you couldn't tell). I like Marvel but their comic books have been quite lackluster for over a decade for me and after they incorporated the events of September 11th into their storylines, I turned away from their books, vowing to never read another again. I'm sorry, in a city full of superheroes there is no way the terrorists could have gotten away with the attacks. You have the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, Spider-Man as well as the X-men right outside of town. These are the people who stop Dr. Doom, Apocalypse and Galactus on a daily basis but they can't stop some human terrorists? I'm sorry Marvel, this was straight pandering to the Pro-America coping our nation went through and because of this, you lost a life-long reader and I have no intention of picking up another issue of your books (or at least until they start having good stories again--House of M was decent and Civil War was okay but I'm tired of having to buy a million issues crossing over two dozen different books in order to get the whole story and spend a small fortune on trade paperbacks. This is another aspect where DC destroys Marvel--they don't force you to take out a small loan in order to read a stand alone story.)

Sorry for the rant...what was I talking about again? Oh yeah, DC ROCKS! And so does this documentary that shows the rise of this comic book giant and how they reinvented themselves through the various ages of comic book glory. Narrated by Hal Jordan and Wade Wilson himself (Ryan Reynolds) Secret Origins: The Story of DC shows how comic books came about after two gentlemen who were used to publishing smut decided to clean up their business and jump on the craze of newspaper comic strips. The film goes on to show how a couple of scrawny Jewish kids came up with the Man of Steel, a character as American as apple pie and baseball; Superman, as well as the rise of the Dark Knight, Green Lantern, the break through symbol of woman's lib in comics; Wonder Woman and so much more. It shows how Alan Moore changed the game with Watchmen and how DC has lead the way in publishing. This documentary is filled with a rich history told by the creators, writers and artists who have had the honor and privilege to create for them. If you're a fan of comics, you'll love this look into its history in this amazingly well put together documentary.

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